The Three Ships Cruising Human Nature…

Three ships cruise human nature and shape our daily behavior:  Ownership, Showmanship and Membership.

How do these ships apply the media and its impact on us and society today?  Do you need to own physical “media?”  Can you establish a long lasting relationship with “digital only” media or the “ink on paper” and television sets are still needed?

Do you envision a day where all digital will become organic (reach into thin air and grab your phone, use and let it go back into thin air) and there will be no need for even an iPad or iPhone?

Let me know what you think and get ready to defend, present, argue, etc. your point of view in class tomorrow.


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42 Responses to The Three Ships Cruising Human Nature…

  1. Colton Herrington says:

    The media and these “ships” are coexisting entities; human nature shapes the way that media functions, but media influences our innate desires for ownership, showmanship and membership.
    For me, personally, ownership and showmanship affect me the most. I like to physically own things and enjoy people noticing what I have.
    I also believe that long-lasting relationships can exist with digital media because I visit Billboard, GoldDerby, Box Office Mojo and a handful of music blogs on a daily basis. With print, I infrequently purchase Rolling Stone but not enough to say that it’s a long-lasting relationship. I believe these relationships are determined by an individual’s interest.

  2. Sydney Leaphart says:

    The three ships are established through the media using apps such as Facebook and Instagram which establish a sense of belonging, people can post pictures and current updates on their lives, and lastly it is their individual profiles . I don’t think I could personally establish a long lasting relationship with digital only. I enjoy thumbing through a magazine and having a tangible copy on hand. It is hard for me to envision a day where all digital will become organic because I think the tangible products which hold our digital media are a part of showmanship and ownership. Although you would still own the organic products, I believe people like to walk around with the latest and greatest technology for people to see and “show off”.

  3. Laura Reed says:

    I think these 3 “ships” are very relevant to society today. I enjoy owning physical media. I think that a mix of both digital and physical media is needed in our fast paced society. Although digital media is great for easy access and fast news stories, the physical media aspect is still relevant to our generation. I like to be able to read a magazine on a plane, in the car, at the nail salon, or just in a waiting room. You don’t get the same experience on an ipad, in my opinion. The showmanship aspect is one I think everyone is guilty of. If you read something intellectual in front of people it gives them a more positive image of you, and if you read 50 shades of grey in front of people you might want to consider getting that one on the iPad. I don’t see how digital could be organic, but that is a neat concept. I have always thought that one day phones will be embedded into peoples ears or something of that sort. There is always room for improvement.

  4. Patrick Thompson says:

    These ships apply to all of us because we want people to know what we are apart of or what we have. We like flaunting it. And having that hard copy of a book or a magazine helps to validate those ships. I doubt that I could establish a completely digital life because the idea of holding a book in my hands and flipping through the pages is fun. Having a digital copy is nice for traveling and you want to read a book or two without being encumbered by books, but I doubt that everybody will want an all-digital world. I doubt that the need for an iPhone or iPad will fully go away because in the future they will make these products even better for bringing information to us

  5. Jennifer Thurman says:

    Ownership makes people feel significant and powerful leading them to buy things such as magazines and newspapers. Showmanship takes place when one has purchased so many magazines. The magazines build up and we want to show the world what magazine we have discovered or obtained. Overtime, these two ships are not enough and we long for more leading to membership. We want to finalize our awesome magazine purchase by suscribing to it. I think television and “ink on paper” media is still and will be neccassary. The sources we get our media from can break or simply die out of popularity and we still need our news!

  6. Christina Figg says:

    Ownership, showmanship, and membership all correlate to the media and its impact on modern day society in many ways. The three “ships” are the main reasons I believe physical media will never completely die. It is human nature to want to possess physical and material things; things that one can show off to everyone else. Digital media is a quick and easy way to access information and complete every day tasks, but people will still desire the convenience of picking up a magazine from the grocery store or watching a movie with the entire family on a flat screen. I don’t see a day where organic media will replace digital completely because I believe consumers love the feeling of owning and showing off the “next best thing” such as an iPad or an iPhone.

  7. Lindsay Langston says:

    I believe that membership, ownership, and showmanship are vastly prevalent in society today. New advancements and updates in gadgets interest us and therefore contribute to human beings being guilty of ownership as well as showmanship. People have developed an obsession with digital media, as it becomes more convenient and high-tech with each advancement. Holding a kindle on a plane with five books at your fingertips is much more painless and easy than carrying and holding five tangible books. Technology has grown to aid us immensely in our day to day lives and people love the idea of having the most up-to-date gadget. Despite the convenience of digital media, I doubt the world will rid itself of tangible products like books and magazines completely for they are important to our past and history. I also believe a completely organic world is not plausible either. However, I do believe we will keep advancing in technology to where phones and laptops may not even exist, for something better will be invented.

  8. Robert Phillips says:

    Most of todays media is used as a way to promote the three ships. Social networking sites such as facebook and twitter give us the feeling of membership, because it allows us to be connected with a group of people that gives the feeling of belonging to a community. These sites along with instagram allow people to express showmanship by posting pictures of material items, places, etc. However, most of the items that people choose to show on facebook and instagram are things that the media has portrayed as being worthy of being shown off. When it comes to ownership, I believe that one will never feel true ownership without a material possession. That is why i do not believe phones and computers will one day become intangible, because people like being able to feel and see the items they possess. It is because of this belief that I also think that in order to have a long lasting relationship with media, it must also be available in print. No one could collect first edition magazines that are now collectible if they were only digital.

  9. Graham Wyman says:

    The three “ships” impact the way I view media much differently now. When it comes to ownership I am always trying to get the latest technology even if I have no real need for it. When it comes to membership, groups are often formed based on the items that you do have and it makes you feel superior or inferior. I am probably most affiliated with the showmanship because wants I do have something, I want everyone to know or to ask me about it or complement it or me. I do not see a day, in my lifetime at least, when you can grab something out of thin air. I do not see television losing its significance either. So, for me personally I could not do strictly digital. I like to hold books, magazines, etc when I read them

  10. Shea Gabrielleschi says:

    The satisfying feeling of ownership cannot translate equally to the media world. Confidence is gained when owning a home, car, etc. Similarly, owning a subscription to a magazine, for example, creates the feeling of independence and uniqueness. In a world where anyone can access anything, this feeling is lost.
    Showmanship will also be a lost feeling if media continues on its path. What is the point of having your son’s artwork from school “easily accessible” on your iPad? Hanging it on your wall displays it with pride for guests to see.
    The phrase “membership has its benefits” is a phrase for good reason; everyone becomes a member to gain something. I cannot see media bringing the world to the point of losing these three ships.
    Humans have been in a steady long-term relationship with ink and paper for thousands of years. This recent shift in media is still a baby, so I won’t know if it’s good marriage material for a couple more decades. Perhaps it may turn into a one-night stand.

  11. Will Jenkins says:

    I do envision a day where all media will be organic and i believe that we are not far from it. However I also believe that there will still and always be some form of print. i believe that the three ships of behavior play a role in the media but I believe that a person will always want to have ownership of something physical; whether it be a book,magazine, or TV set. For someone to say that they are a member of a club or they own a certain possession i believes makes that person feel better about them selves and their status and that is why humans love showmanship so much because they love to show other people their possessions that help show who they are as a person.

  12. Cidney Simmons says:

    The media interlinks with the ships. They use their powerful influence to shape society the best way they see fit whether through creating iconic looks in fashion or by illustrating events in a biased way to gear the audience’s attention. You can form a strong relationship, but not a long lasting one; we depend so greatly on the media informing us through technology. The technology that enables this is what influences ownership, thus follows showmanship. I need to own physical media because I find my attention is stronger; i.e. I like real books rather than kindles. Membership doesn’t hold the same value it use to. Since people can be members of things online, they are now very impersonal.

  13. Benjamin Bryan says:

    The three “ships” play a huge role on media and impact the current society we live in. From the day you are born you share the joy of ownership. I believe ownership gives you a sense of comfort, whether you own a collection of books, magazines, or whatever it may be. I also believe in showmanship and that people enjoy showing off the possessions they own. Membership is also essential in the current society because people enjoy the sense of belonging to a group. I do believe media is turning towards organic style, however I think due to the three “ships” that cruise human beings behavior, physical items of media will always be available.

  14. Summer Wigley says:

    Ownership applies to the media through the confidence of humans. Humans have the tendency to want to be bigger and better than someone else. It boosts our confidence when we have the latest technology that we would be able to show off which leads into showmanship. As a print lover, I appreciate that hard copies instead of digital copies. Yes, it is convenient to when one is away from the hard copies and having a digital copy is accessible. What would happen if you downloaded many of your favorite magazine on your phone and you didn’t back up the files to your computer? Hard copies are reliable and they will always be there to read. Society is so wrapped up in what is the hottest thing and no one sits back and enjoys what they already have.

  15. Katie Krouse says:

    Ownership, showmanship, and membership all apply to human nature. However, due to the role the media plays, I feel that ownership and showmanship are the most prevalent in today’s society. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or any other social network, provide outlets for showmanship and ownership to intermingle. For example, they all provide ways show off what you own. Membership is still important and relevant to today’s world, but so much is done online that it has begun to lose its value. Also, I believe that we exist in a world that will not become organic, because there will always be people out there like myself who appreciate an “ink on paper” form of media as well as digital media. If we were to transfer to an organic form of media, the “ink on paper” will no longer exist.

  16. McKenzie Griffin says:

    Media feeds our desire for these three ships. Take me, a digital/ tangible consumer, for example. I collect jewelry called cameos. First, I order a cameo from a boutique on Pinterest. Then, I hold it, display it, and feel satisfaction from owning it. Next, I Instagram a picture, showing off by getting as many likes as possible. The hashtag #cameocollection make me belong to other users searching for cameo images. All of that digital interaction couldn’t exist without a tangible object. If we live in an organically digital world one day, it will only increase the value of our tangibles.

  17. Herbie May says:

    The three ships discussed in class to seemed to be over shadowed by showmanship.I believe we are a society based on showman ship. No one can deny the feeling of having something that they are proud of being admired. Whether it is a membership or an ownership, these are both things i believe branch off of showmanship. Unfortunatly I am at the stage where I barely own any phyical media. The occasional magazine in the airport or a random book here and there, but to me I can find everything I need to stay up to date on the internet. As far as relationship to media, I feel as if I am more of a love affair type content reader. While I love espn and check it every day, I am alays looking for new information and the most up to date site. Sometimes espn won’t have what I am looking for, so I will resort to profootballtalk. While I rely on the internet for my media, I can never see it becoming organic. While we are advancing, I do not think technology addictions can get that much more severe.

  18. Meaghan Snell says:

    All three “ships” strongly impact the way society goes about buying technology and accessing media. In todays world most are materialistic and want to own the next greatest thing, to turn around and show it off, to then feel a belonging with the changing world around us. When it comes to the media aspect, I believe each source will continue to remain a love affair, switching back and forth based on personal preference until being forced in the end if we reach a time when an organic way of technology for the media is the only way to access it. Then with that organic style would still continue wanting to own and show the newest thing to belong, which would continue the 3 Ships.

  19. Katie Whann says:

    The three “ships”, membership, ownership, and showmanship all represent in my opinion the image and characteristics of our society today. America is all about the pride of ownership, no matter what the item is. I am subscribed to one fashion magazine, and usually get the rest of my news online. Having said that, I do like the physical feel of holding a new book, newspaper, or magazine. I do not think for this reason that print media will vanish completely, at least not anytime soon. As the years go on, technology will advance greatly, but we will always have something to grasp and show to the public. Whether it is a piece of technology or a material good, America is always wanting to show off what we have which is why I believe there will always be access to those items for our use. We want a constant sense of belonging and membership, which is why Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are so popular. Having friends to connect with through the internet gives one a social belonging they may not have had otherwise. These networking sites give us the opportunity to show off where we are, what we are doing, and how we live our lives.

  20. Martin Powell says:

    The concept of the Three Ships and the continued desire of physical media form a powerful relationship. As we saw in class, these three ships will always dictate a need for more traditional media (i.e ownership creates the need for more gadgets to consume on, showmanship makes people want the biggest TV to show off, membership leads to paying for a special magazine). Human appetite for structure and conformity will always mean there will be some kind of market for non-consumer dictated media. As for the creation of organic digital platforms, the idea of these seamlessly integrated products is present in the minds of developers, and when that is the case, innovation almost always follows. The demand for these types of products will rely on the various ships to garner profitability. While these products may seem unnecessary at first, human’s materialistic nature will drive their development further.

  21. Catherine Montague says:

    The three “ships”, ownership, showmanship, and membership are prevalent in our society today. I receive most of my news through online websites such as Yahoo or The Huffington Post. In my opinion, I believe fast access to news is vital for our society today, but I also enjoy physical media and believe it is important for today’s society. I receive more satisfaction from reading a hard copy of book, rather than reading a book on my I Pad. I enjoy flipping through a magazine while waiting various places whether it is at my doctor’s office or on an airplane. This is where showmanship comes into play. Many Americans feel as if they appear more intellectual to others by reading a copy of Time whereas if they were reading a copy of Cosmopolitan they may feel the need to read it on their I Pad or I Phone.

  22. Isabel Maruri says:

    If these three ships were not so prevalent in modern society, then there would simply be no need for media or advertising at all. This is because, like you frequently say in class, the media is not necessary or vital or any human being. Therefore, humans’ desires for ownership, showmanship, and membership are a reflection of the media’s messages aimed at products, content, and information that their audience does not need for survival. However, I find it incredibly difficult to envision a day where humans lose their desire to hold tangible things because of their tendency towards showmanship.

  23. Chloie Johnson says:

    The three “ships”, membership, ownership, and showmanship, are the key factors in our society. They not only motivate the way we act and think personally, but also the way we see and react to others actions. Personally, ownership is important to me. I enjoy reading a book and physically being able to see the progress I have made through it, rather than reading it off of an ipad. While I am a huge participant in digital media, I feel like a little is needed but I am fearful that it might overrule traditional mediums. As the books that I have past read accumulate on my shelf it gives me a small sense of pride and that is the showmanship coming through. As social beings, we want others to like us and to be intrigued by us as well. Being able to show off the collection of books you have read, or your new expensive purse, or your new iphone is something that we like to do. All of the “ships” are based around our want to be socially intriguing, socially liked, and socially included. Membership helps fulfill our desire to be apart of something and be able to validate it. An ID or membership card can be used as proof to actually validate that you are a part of that specific group. The “ships” work together and are intertwined to create our natural human nature.

    As for all of digital becoming organic, I think this would be a very bad. I have never really put much thought into the idea, but I believe that it would lead to even less talking and less face-to-face communication. Its an fascinating concept to think about though.

  24. Tessa Romack says:

    Ownership, showmanship and membership are all relevant in our society today. All three of the “ships” are desired by humans and unavoidable in todays culture. Everyone desires to own things of their own instead of renting or borrowing from others. Owning physical things also creates an environment where people are making investments and holding pieces of history when it comes to collecting things like books and magazines. Showmanship is engrained in us from a young age from teenagers posting on Facebook immediately after they open their gifts on Christmas morning to my mom Instagraming her new set of dishes she bought at Macy’s. Lastly, membership is still important but I feel it is slowly losing it’s value as more and more facets of media except online membership. It is hard to imagine a time where all media will be digital because of people like myself and others that still value a hard copy of a magazine or an actual print of my favorite pictures.

  25. Tessa Romack says:

    Ownership, showmanship and membership are all relevant in our society today. Everyone desires to own things of their. Owning physical things also creates an environment where people are making investments and holding on to pieces of history. Showmanship is engrained in us from a young age from teenagers posting on Facebook immediately after they open their gifts on Christmas morning to my mom Instagraming her new set of dishes she bought at Macy’s. Lastly, membership is still important but I feel it is slowly losing it’s value as more and more facets of media except online membership.

  26. Elliott Guffin says:

    The three ships all are different in there own ways. Sometimes I like to have physical copies of things like a magazine. I could live in a digital world it would be exciting for everything to be digital. The world would be faster and all of the new platforms would be very cool. I think that it could be bad to that people would lose them selves from society and be very alone. I feel that television, radio and magazines are still needed in the world to keep that sense of ownership.

  27. Joshua Barnett says:

    I think the only form of media that the three ships really impacts is print. No one goes around bragging about what news channel they watch or what online newspaper they read. People I know display the three ships with regards to some online publications. I don’t find the need to own physical media. I also believe that digital only media can establish long lasting relationships, as long as they deliver the content their readers want to see. One day I imagine access to information will be instant through devices like “Google Glasses” or eventually physical technological implants into humans.

  28. Daisy Strudwick says:

    Membership, ownership and showmanship serve as a driving force in our daily behavior. While today’s society is moving towards a seemingly completely digital era, many people still continue to purchase books and magazines in order to show off what they are reading and to show that they are a part of an exclusive group that reads that particular medium. I do not think that the digital mediums will become organic in the future because humans want to something tangible to show off and organic media the idea of ownership and showmanship would completely dissolve. I firmly believe that it is necessary to form lasting relationships with newspapers, televisions and other traditional forms of media in order to feel completely satisfied and to feel a stronger connection to people. I continually purchase books and magazines and in turn I have formed bonds with other readers.

  29. Kelly Litzelfelner says:

    As discussed in class, people cannot survive off of virtual ownership alone. Ownership effects the media because people like to collect and own things, including many magazines. Owning numerous magazines can express showmanship. When subscribed to certain type of media, people can feel like they belong. For example, in an ESPN subscription, people may feel a sense of belonging to that group. Because a sense of membership is part of human beings, magazine subscriptions or certain types of other clubs effect magazines and may increase sales. I don’t think everything will one day become organic because then it would be difficult to recognize showmanship.

  30. Ashley Mallett says:

    The three ships apply to media in ways of having something tangible of media to have. The Ships all go hand in hand. Ownership, in meanings of being able to say you have it and can show it off to our counter partners which is Showmanship and then the ability of belonging because you have certain things which is membership.
    And yes we still do need physical media, because as badly as people are saying we don’t, those same persons want to actually hold a book and read an actual magazine and newspaper.
    One cannot truly gain a relationship with digital only. Digital things change every day, and a hardcopy does not. So therefore digital will not become organic anytime soon.

  31. Taylor Walters says:

    The three “ships” in media keep people expecting instant gratification. They keep the media constantly evolving and outdating itself. I own physical media to keep a sense of calm in my life, I like to escape the digital world and having this type of media enables that. You can have a long relationship with digital media as well as ink on paper and television; sometimes that tiny screen isn’t enough. It seems there will be organic digital media, however, I don’t think the disconnection will satisfy everyone in the world completely and they will look for other types of media.

  32. Ali Corbin says:

    Without these three ships: ownership, showman ship and membership, the media wouldn’t be nearly as relevant as it is today. We, as people, buy apps, magazines, and magazines for all of these reasons. In the case of ownership, we want certain magazines and other forms of media to be ours and only available to us individually. For showmanship, everyone, whether they admit it or not, likes to show what they have and when we are able to show the world our lives whether it is shown on Facebook or Instagram, it makes the ability to show off that much more easy. And lastly for membership, we all want to belong to a certain group and with magazines and other media being geared toward certain groups of people which makes membership more inclusive.

  33. Katie Adams says:

    The reason why people feel ownership of certain types of digital media is because there are things likes Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. When you post a picture on Facebook or Instagram you say “did you see my Instagram, or did you see my tweet.” You feel like those are your vehicles and you have ownership or the pictures you take and the words you post. It makes something that is free and makes it your own. I feel like if anyone takes a picture or post words on a website, it is only human nature to feel like you have ownership over it and feel like it’s yours.

  34. Laura Lindsay Viergever says:

    The three ships help to maintain society in the media world. With platforms like twitter, facebook and instagram, it allows people to keep in touch with their peers to see what is going on in their lives without actually having to be there. It does not, however account for the personal experiences and interactions that are necessary to keep these friendships real. As the world of technology progresses, media will most likely become far more organic. Proof lies in the inherent ability for young children and even babies to understand and figure out how to operate iphones and ipads. This is not to say that technology and media will completely replace human interaction, but technology will become far more integrated with human interaction.

  35. Ellen Whitaker says:

    Ownership, showmanship, and membership establish their role in today’s media by showing us that printed media will continue to exist. They give us a since of pride and belonging. For me, I enjoy engulfing myself in a printed product. The television lets us have a visual experience in a large form. It flashes information and graphics across the screen keeping the viewer’s 2.5 second attention span. I hate the idea of every document being digitalized. For the future, I can not imagine digital becoming organic. However, we are now in the era of infinite media and anything is possible.

  36. Parker Bergsagel says:

    Over time, media has been shaped by ownership, showmanship and membership. I think that social media is driven by these three ships. If my friends did not have twitter, facebook, instagram, etc, I do not think I would use these networking sites. It Is the people that are on the sites that make me want to me a member. In my opinion, these memberships are based on peoples’ want to show people want they own, and what they are doing. Facebook is essentially pointless if people are not updating their profile with pictures of what they have been doing and status’ pertaining to their life. I think that as long as existing media is still targeted it will continue to exist. I know that I personally would rather have a tangible copy of a book or magazine, as I think that it has more value. I do not envision a day where digital media and technology becomes organic, and I also hope that it doesn’t. If it does come out, I think that it will be successful in a sense of ownership and showmanship.

  37. Matt Mayfield says:

    I believe the increased competition between global content providers has caused diversification from solely providing a membership, or physical thing to own. The winners give a combination that you can show off or have an internal sense of gratification. ESPN gives printed magazines to all digital insider subscribers. It makes the consumer feel that they need that magazine sitting on their coffee table and it becomes part of their M.O. It’s these attempts by companies that develop the long lasting relationships that is and will be their bread and butter as I do not see the digital age going organic.

  38. Sarah Ashton Baker says:

    I completely agree that the three ships influence our daily lives and therefore society’s media. It’s in our nature to strive for ownership. I personally favor a magazine or book over online articles and Kindles. It gives me a stronger sense of ownership. Something materialistic like a magazine gives more of an opportunity for a person to show off and to have a sense of belonging. No one needs to own physical media, however I and other customers prefer it; as we know it’s all about what the customers want. I think the Internet is the most convenient source of media, but it could not stand on its own. Plenty of people still watch the news and read newspapers because of a sense of tradition and local connection. I do not believe there will be a day where the media is so organic that it loses the essence of the three ships. To do so would dull our senses and lessen our curiosity.

  39. I think the three ships are prevalent in the social media program Twitter. Users want to become a member of the Twitter world while owning as many followers as possible and showing off their number of followers. I don’t think owning physical media is necessary but is enjoyable for some people to collect old media like vinyl records. I think paper and ink would be an easier long lasting relationship to establish because it would have more sentimental value with a hard copy.TV sets are most certainly needed still in this day and age. I think a day where all digital becomes organic is very plausible, technology is growing at such a rapid rate right now yet I believe the time when iPhones become obsolete is far far away.

  40. Jordan Mckeever says:

    These three “ships,” have a great impact on the media and society of today. Every human possesses these three qualities. Christmas is an excellent example. When you receive your gifts, you have the satisfaction of finally being in possession of that item you’ve been looking at online for months. I can’t count the amount of Instagram photos that people posted of their favorite Christmas gifts. As humans, we love to show off to others. Through ownership and showmanship we receive membership. Having what you want and showing it off leads to acceptance from groups. I don’t believe the day will come when all media will be digital. I am a person who values having a tangible way of receiving media.

  41. Robert "Bridge" Leigh says:

    The main goal of the media is to inform and is performed in a specific process, which can be most effectively explained as media’s attempts to appeal to its audiences by employing the three main components which shape human behavior: ownership, showmanship, and membership. These components can be used in advertising, most specifically, to make a product desirable to an ad’s target audience. This technique may also be used in general news media to market a company’s news products such as magazines, newspapers, or broadcast media. The desire to own physical or digital media and one’s preference of one over the other is extremely varied and is influenced by factors such as age and technological fluency, but I personally hold no preference. My generation makes up the transition group from dependence on physical media to digital since we have been raised in a time where both are extremely influential. However, the next two or three generations can be expected to hold partiality to digital media. That being said, I cannot see a world where media will ever be “organic” because there will always be some sort of reliance on material objects – more than likely due to the inherent desires to own and display. We want to show off, something we can only do if we have something physical to flaunt before our friends and networks.

  42. Ownership, showmanship, and membership apply the media and its impact on society and us today because these three “ships” influence our human characteristics. Humans will always have a materialistic nature. Materialism can be a very negative concept, however materialism will always be present in the three ships. I think we should own “physical media” because it creates a more valuable experience than establishing a long lasting relationship with “digital only” media. The “ink on paper ” and television sets are still needed. I cannot fully grasp organic media since it’s a future idea. Mobile devices and tablets are beginning to replace print as a source of news, so maybe someday organic media will replace the these devices as a source of news.

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