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Experience Making Number One: Know Ole Miss

As a student at The University of Mississippi you have seen many buildings that meant little or nothing to you unless you are taking a class in that building or it happens to house a department that you had to … Continue reading

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The State of the News Media…

To be an Experience Maker means that you need to learn all about the news media and to understand what is going on in the business that you want to call your own. The PEW Project for Excellence in Journalism … Continue reading

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To Understand Mass Media Means You Have to Understand the Audience…

Mass Media are an important part of our society. Yet, so often we focus on Media and we ignore Mass. To be a Mass Medium you have to reach more than one, two or three of your close friends and … Continue reading

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Hello Experience Makers!

Welcome to Journalism 101: Introduction to Mass Media or what will become known from now on as the Experience Makers class. You are a special group of students who have selected Journalism and Marketing Communications as your major. Thus you … Continue reading

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