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Mozines™ are here… Is this the future?

A new way to deliver magazines on all types of mobile platforms. Read my interview with Mozines™ creator and let me know what you think. The interview can be accessed here Read the interview and post your comments. PS: Test … Continue reading

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The Death of Newspapers and Other Myths…

Are newspapers on their way out? Who needs the printed newspaper anymore? Are the problems of newspapers related to ink on paper or to the message they continue to carry. To complement what you are hearing in class and reading … Continue reading

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So, what is the future of Books?

As I have mentioned in class, there are only two people who can tell you the future: God and a fool. Well, knowing that I am God, and looking into my crystal ball, the future looks interesting to me. I … Continue reading

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The Web IS Dead… Long Live the Internet?

Say what? Chris Anderson, Wired magazine editor in chief proclaimed in this month’s issue of the magazine that “The Web is Dead.” He wrote in the introduction to the cover story, “Two decades after its birth, the World Wide Web … Continue reading

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