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The Changing Nature of Mass Communication and the “Crowd Accelerated Innovation”…

It is an understatement to say that mass communication in the 21st century is different than that of the 20th century. When I was in school I was taught that the medium is the message. Now, the medium is NOT … Continue reading

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Hello Again, Experience Makers!

Hi everyone! I’m Alex, Dr. Husni’s teaching assistant for Journalism 101. My contact information is listed on the syllabus, so feel free to e-mail me at if you ever have any questions about the class. You will be expected … Continue reading

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Hello Experience Makers!

Welcome to Journalism 101: Introduction to Mass Media or what will become known from now on as the Experience Makers class. You are a special group of students who have selected to enroll in the very first journalism course offered … Continue reading

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Social Media: Is it the New Journalism?

Following our discussions in class, please read the following interview with the founder of Twitter and be ready to answer questions for your test. Also do not forget to comment on this interview. Copy and click on this link to … Continue reading

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The On-Going Debate About the Future of Print and Digital

In an entry on MediaShift titled iPads, Print-on-Demand Slowly Transform Magazines in 2010 by Susan Currie Sivek, the author writes: This revolution is going to take its time. It’s been a year of high expectations but little fulfillment for those … Continue reading

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iPad publishing? The Pros and the Cons? Too soon to judge?

Here is a very good review on the status of iPad publications and “what went wrong with the first group of publications” using the iPad. The review is on the Monday Note blog and can be accessed here. The review … Continue reading

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More than content providers, the Mr. Magazine™ Manifesto and test 2 information

As we learned in class today, you are more than just content providers. You are experience makers. Start becoming one by learning all about the news media and what is going on in the world of mass media around you. … Continue reading

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