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Are Media Brands Ready to Be Brands?

Following our discussions in class regarding brands and their value, I found this article by Ellen Oppenheim, who until recently was the EVP for Marketing at the Magazine Publishers of America, now the MPA: Magazine Media. A very thought provoking … Continue reading

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Content, Conversation and Customers…

These are shaping up to be the three legs of the new bar stool of journalism in the age of social media. We are no longer information providers but rather conversation starters. The following YouTube videos all deal with the … Continue reading

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Passion & Love of Journalism: the Bob Guccione Jr.’s speech on The Crisis Myth

Passion is what is missing in our journalism business today and most of those who own the media today are the wrong owners. Listen to what Bob Guccione Jr. has to say on the status of journalism today and what … Continue reading

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