Change Happens….

Television in the 50s played an important role in educating the American public and in defending the rights of Americans to disagree.  Based on what Fred Friendly and Ed Murrow did at CBS News, do you think we have any Fred Friendlys or Ed Murrows in today’s media landscape?

Identify the role of television today and compare it to that of half a century ago.  Give me at least one name of a television journalist who you think is doing what Mr. Murrow did in the 1950s.

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Choice and Control…

Based on what we’ve talked about in class today, who have the upper hand in terms of control and choice of the media?  Is it the owners of the media, the advertisers in the media, or the audience of the media.

Please be specific and give an example or two.  You have until Sunday midnight to comment.

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So is this Television News?…

After watching Control Room documentary, do you think Al-Jazeera’s style of reporting the news is the way television news should be?  Do you believe that our news channels have gone soft in covering hard news?

And, the bigger question today, do you get your news from television?  Be specific and give an example or two.

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Magazines: Reflectors or Initiators?

As you reflect on what you’ve seen in the magazine documentary, you will find out that throughout their history magazines played a dual role in society:  They reflected a lot of what goes on and they also initiated a lot of issues.

Give me two examples from the magazine world one in which you believe that the magazine was a reflector of society, and two the magazine was an initiator.  Please be specific, name names and voice your opinion at the end to whether your believe this role of magazines is still possible in this digital age.

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Digital, Videos, Lies and Journalism…

After watching the movie Shattered Glass, do you think in this digital age of journalism is it easier to cheat, fabricate, make up quotes and folks?  Refer to an example from the movie and tell me how the web helped or hindered finding the truth?  Be specific and voice our opinion.

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So What Is News?…

We’ve been talking a lot about news and how social media and other platforms deliver news.  So, what is news to you?  How do you define news?  First, give me your own definition and then find someone else’s definition and write it down.  Make sure to give me the source or the author of the definition you will cite in your comment.

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Major Trends in the World of News Media

Change Happens! The media world is changing right in front of our eyes.  From news on social media to news on traditional media, change is only constant.

For your discussion this weekend, pick up on area from the major trends we’ve talked about in class today and tell me why or why not you think this is the future of media.

Be creative, be specific and give a personal example if possible.

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