The Three Ships Cruising Human Nature…

Three ships cruise human nature and shape our daily behavior:  Ownership, Showmanship and Membership.

How do these ships apply the media and its impact on us and society today?  Do you need to own physical “media?”  Can you establish a long lasting relationship with “digital only” media or the “ink on paper” and television sets are still needed?

Do you envision a day where all digital will become organic (reach into thin air and grab your phone, use and let it go back into thin air) and there will be no need for even an iPad or iPhone?

Let me know what you think and get ready to defend, present, argue, etc. your point of view in class tomorrow.

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Welcome to Journalism 101 — Winter Intersession 2013

Dear All

Welcome to Journalism 101:  Intro to Mass Media and Society.  You are entering your first stage as journalists and marketing communicators, whether it is your declared major or not.

This blog is part of the class and on its pages is where all the discussions are going to take place.  So, look for this blog on a daily basis and enter your discussions in the comment section.  Keep in mind that any comments posted after midnight will not count.  Also note that the time on the blog is GMT time, which is 6 hours ahead of us.  So anything posted after 6:00 a.m. GMT will not count.

Today your first discussion (keep in mind, each discussion is worth 5 points) is about the changing role of the media and their platforms in an age described as “isolated connectivity” by your professor.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing for the future of journalism.  Do you agree that we live in an age of “isolated connectivity” or we are better off today than we were years ago? Why and why not.  Be specific with your comments and refer to the course syllabus to see how your comments are going to be graded.

All the best and good luck as you enter the Experience Makers era of your college life!

Dr. Husni

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Important Info Regarding Test 3

Dear All
Your test 3 is tomorrow at 8 am and it will include the following questions:
One question from Chapter Six in the text book (Media Shift)
One question from Chapter Seven in the text book (Media Shift)
Four questions from each essay from the following chapters in The State of the Media report: Network TV, Local TV, Cable and Audio
Four questions from the lectures in class.
Test 3 will round up 75% of your grade in the class so far. Your Final Exam in on Tuesday June 28 at 8 am.
Read, understand and come prepared for the test.

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Information regarding Test Two

Test two will cover the lectures of last week including but not limited to the status of journalism and journalists today. It will also cover the magazine chapter in your text book. There will be seven questions from the lectures and three questions from the book. All questions will be in the form of definitions and filling the blanks.
On Monday, after the test, we will start talking about Radio and the status of that medium today. Please read chapter 5 in your book.
Good luck.

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Jour. 101 Test One, Monday June 6

As we continue to learn about the state of the media and the role it plays in our world today, you are about to take your first test to measure the degree of understanding and comprehension of the materials you’ve read and studied so far. The first test, which will take place this coming Monday at 8 am, will consist of the following:
1 Question based on Chapter 1 from the Media Shift book
1 Question based on Chapter 2 from the Media Shift book
1 Question based on Chapter 3 from the Media Shift book
4 Questions based on the Overview Chapter from the State of the Media report
3 Questions based on the lectures from Wed. thru. Friday
So, please start reading, understand well, and be ready to answer some questions. Let the experience begins… Good luck.

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Welcome to Journalism 101…

Welcome Experience Makers to Journalism 101: Introduction to Journalism and Mass Media. Your first assignment will take the entire month of June to finish. You have to read The State of the Media 2011. I will be dividing the chapters of this important research to cover the four weeks of class. Your tests are going to be every Monday (June 6, 13 and 20) and your final exam as posted by the university.
Please make sure that you start your reading early and often. Good luck and welcome to an experience of a lifetime!

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The Five Corner Stones of Media…

Earlier in class we talked about the five corner stones of today’s media: Journalism, Propaganda, Public Relations, Advertising and Ethics. The five aforementioned corner stones provide today’s journalism student with a lot of options and a lot of conflicting views and opinions regarding each of them.
Based on what you’ve heard in class earlier today, pick one of the five corner stones, give me your definition and write a one page detailed discussion on that corner stone. It is important that all your opinions will be posted before 8 am Wed. April 20 on this blog.
Looking forward to reading your comments.

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