The State of the News Media 2011: A Must-Read Report

The must-read report The State of the News Media 2011 is out. It is essential that future journalism students should read every section of this report, especially the ones that are specific to your future area of interest.

I encourage each of one of you to read one section at a time. In the meantime, for the class on Wed., I would like for you to read and understand the Key Findings of the report and comment below on these findings before class time. You will be tested on the entire report by the time the semester is over. So start reading!

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About Samir "Mr. Magazine™" Husni, Ph.D.

Samir Husni, aka Mr. Magazine™, is the founder and director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi. He is also Professor and Hederman Lecturer of Journalism at the School of Journalism and New Media. Dr. Husni is the author of the annual Samir Husni's Guide to New Magazines, which is now in its 28th year. He is also the author of Launch Your Own Magazine: A Guide for Succeeding in Today's Marketplace published by Hamblett House, Inc. and Selling Content: The Step-by-Step Art of Packaging Your Own Magazine, published by Kendall Hunt, Magazine Publishing in the 21st Century, published by Kendall Hunt, and co-author of Design Your Own Magazine. He has presented seminars on trends in American magazines to the editorial, advertising and sales staff of the magazine groups of the Morris Communications Company, Hearst Corp., Hachette Filipacchi Magazines, Meredith Corp., Reader's Digest Magazine, ESPN the magazine, Sail Magazine, American Airlines Publishing, the National Geographic Society, the Swedish magazine group Bonnier, the Finnish magazine group Sanoma Magazines, Southern Progress magazines, New South Publishing, Inc., the Society of Professional Journalists, the American Society of Magazine Editors, Vance Publishing Corporation, the Florida Magazine Association, The Magazine Association of Georgia, the National Society of Black Journalists, the Japanese Magazine Publishers Association, and the American Press Institute. He is "the country's leading magazine expert," according to Forbes ASAP magazine, "the nation's leading authority on new magazines," according to min:media industry newsletter; and The Chicago Tribune dubbed him "the planet's leading expert on new magazines." Dr. Husni has been interviewed by major U.S. media on subjects related to the magazine industry. He has been profiled and is regularly quoted in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and many other newspapers nationwide, as well as the major newsweeklies and a host of trade publications. He has appeared on Good Morning America, CNBC, CNN, CNNFN, PBS, and on numerous radio talk shows including National Public Radio's Morning and Weekend Editions. Dr. Husni has also served as an expert witness in several lawsuits involving major media corporations including Time Inc. and American Express Publishing among others. He has been a judge of The National Magazines Awards, The Evangelical Magazines Association, The City and Regional Magazines Association, and The Florida and Georgia Magazine Association Awards. Dr. Husni is the President and CEO of Magazine Consulting & Research, a firm specializing in new magazine launches, repositioning of established magazines, and packaging publications for better sales and presentations. Dr. Husni holds a doctorate in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a master's degree in journalism from the University of North Texas. When he is not in his office reading magazines, Dr. Husni is at the newsstands buying magazines.
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55 Responses to The State of the News Media 2011: A Must-Read Report

  1. Gabrielle Krotser says:

    It is no surprise to me that people are spending more time with the news and turning to online news sources to do so. It makes sense. Online news sources are designed to cater to the viewer. It wasn’t until after working for a search query advertising firm that this concept was made clear to me. Everyday I would go into a database and look at tracking patterns and cut out the ones that just never reached the eyes of the viewer. Newspapers and television just can’t do that. That motor behind online news is that it is incredibly trackable, which leads to a clear demand delivery to each and every person. With advertising revenues rising(with the exception of newspaper) as well I feel that in this is a little more clear as to what networks, websites, etc. to reach out for to gain the support from your target audience. All saw a rise, except for newspaper because if you really think about it, newspapers try to target everyone. Every section may be a little different but you are generally going to get someone from every social group imaginable.

  2. Steff Thomas says:

    You can find everything online from books to movies to TV shows, so it is no wonder that people also go there to find their news. The internet is basically one genetic pool full of tons of traits, unlike newspapers that are only able to advertise certain things. It is no wonder that we saw such a great decline in print, magazines taking a slight fall as well. Everything is organized on the web in neat little sections. You can find everything with keywords in a search engine rather than reading the entire newspaper to find what you’re looking for. The decline in Television; however, is a little questionable to me. I see so many people watching the news all the time. My parents even pause what they are doing at the time it comes on to watch it. It makes it that more real about how many people at one time watched the same thing at the same time. Of course finding news on the internet is more convenient because you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to find it. You can find it in your spare time. I listen to radio in the car, but I can’t say it is where I get my news. I’m old fashioned, I usually do read the paper. But if I am in a hurry, I look it up online on the newspaper website. I have noticed often enough that advertisements often out number the journalistic qualities of media. In my opinion, if you have to sacrifice telling the news in order to place advertisements in its place that maybe it is time to throw in the towel.

  3. Lauren Lyles says:

    Change is Now!! We no longer always have to turn to newspaper as our source of news. Online new is now more than ever readily available and usually free. This new gerneration is intrested in things that are new, cutting edge, and answers the question “what Is In It for me”? Online news caters to all of these needs. Pew Research exhibits how newspapers revenue declined rapidly, compared to other sources of media. Also how mobile online is more convient for individuals. Online is the forefront of our society. I feel that we are finally figuring out where we are in media based off where we have come from. Although the digital realm is growing I believe they still need newspapers as a guide. The audience will change but it is up to journalist to contine to paint a clear picture for society.

  4. Mary Catherine Ford says:

    It makes since that people are more into the news than ever. Getting access to it has become so easy, all you do is open up a computer and it’s all there waiting for you. This explains why almost every other news media is struggling from news programs local and national to magazines to newspapers. Everyone is going digital and I dont blame them. I also get my news from the net. I like they way things are changing and I hope they continue to.

  5. Hattie Wheeler says:

    This does not surprise me that online news is growing. The internet is the “now” and it is simple, fast, easy and people of all ages can use it unlike the newspaper. The internet can supply many versions of the news and more options as well. I mean, it is clear that online news sources, articles etc are causing the use in newspapers, magazines and television to decrease because the internet provides it all for you whenever you need. No need to wait for the news paper to come or have to deal with missing an episode of your favorite reality show because it is online anyways. It is no surprise to me that the popularity of print products are decreasing. Television to me is better than the internet because I would much rather watch a movie or tv show on tv rather than a computer or through the internet. It is a clearer picture and you can watch the news in action and described rather than reading about it online. I don’t understand why the television is decreasing but I do think that we should continue with the print magazines and newspapers because it is history and not everyone has the access or ability to run to the internet.

  6. Jade Amerson says:

    Overall, this article was very insightful. However, it made me really wonder who is in control of the media. As new advancements are being made in the world of mass media, there seem to be common leaders at the forefront. The article mentioned two: Google and Apple. Personally, whenever I go to search for something online, I constantly resort to using the Google search engine. It is just easy and simplistic when it comes to finding out what the weather will be like, what’s happening in the world, finding information out about historic events, and pretty much anything else a person might want to know about. Then there is the Apple company which makes computers, iPads, iPhones, and many other savvy gadgets of this new age. However great the benefits may be for these two companies, other companies are suffering their wrath. Outsiders to these leading companies have to comply with their rules and regulations in order for consumers to be able to access their product. In a way, it seems like exploitation by big businesses. Is this politically and socially correct?

  7. Jelan Kendrick says:

    Everything is available on the internet nowadays, and in a society where people want what they want as soon as possible it’s not surprising that the newspaper industry is suffering. Why sit down and search through a newspaper when you can just pull up Google or Yahoo! and see the top news stories right on the front page? People want their information fast, and advertisers are aware of this. They’re going to put more money into online advertising because that’s where the majority of their audience is. While I like being able to look up information online, I think having actual newspapers is something our society needs. Being able to pick up your local paper and read about people you know, local crime, and events happening around you is an important aspect of news-reporting. I think there needs to be a balance between online reporting, and actual print news.

  8. David Collier says:

    The direction the media is going as a whole is very exciting and something to be watched carefully. The development of new technologies such as tablets and smart phones are taking news gathering to a whole new level. While for me personally, I do not think we will ever see mediums such as newspapers, magazines, or radio die. I do, however, believe that those things will need to change their approach in order to stay relevant. I believe it is interesting how the facts in the article were gathered. For example, these days one can find anything they want to on the internet. If I miss a show that I usually tune to, I just wait a few hours or a day until the network’s website has it uploaded online for me to watch. Like Dr. Husni said in class on Monday, am I considered to be watching cable news or am I on the internet? Technically, I am on the internet, but I am also watching a show that is on cable television. It is a very interesting debate nevertheless. Finally while it is apparent people are gradually moving towards the digital world more and more, there will always be a need for other types of mediums. In my opinion, I think the more advancements of technology are not ruining journalism, but I believe those advancements and inventions are helping the profession out as a whole.

  9. Erin Duff says:

    After reading this article, I realized how much traditional print journalism outlets, like newspapers, lack the ability to control their own future. Due to the surge in technological advances and the fact that that is where many people go in order to get their information, a greater dependance on technology itself inevitably results. Now, technology is setting the pace for how information is presented and, whether unknowingly or not, technology also dictates what information is presented. Therefore, media outlets that want their information known ultimately have to comply to technology’s standards, like Google and Apple. Some people might call that merely adapting and in a sense it is. As the world changes, people and things in it, like journalism, have to change for survival’s sake. But then one can’t adapt without giving something up in return.

  10. Samira Abunemeh says:

    As others have said, it is not surprising that the Internet has grown in terms of news especially when the sites focus on reporting instead of culumanating news. I’m surprised though about cable. The only reason I see the decline is that there has been disgust in how the cable news business has operated. One can just watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to hear criticism of Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. It is frustrating to hear about the increase in online news and the decline in cable news when one considers that much of the United States still can not get decent online services which will limit their access to the Internet. Some areas may even be too remote for cable or satiellite and will be more than likely too remote for newspapers to deliver. If everyone focuses on online news, then these people will suffer. I, myself, suffer from this problem right here in Mississippi. I do not access to broadband or wi-fi where I live and have to make due with dial-up. This limits my Internet access. Therefore, I recieve my news from cable news at home and from the Internet at college. The news differs from these two mediums. While everyone praises the Internet and online luxeries like Hulu, I will still think that these trends will not reach their potential until everyone has proper access, and I will cope with dial-up.

    I also find it interesting that even though revenue is up for most of the news media, there were layoffs earlier in the year. This leaves me wondering if the revenue may be false reports and the effects of the layoffs have not occured yet. Also, if the cable news networks have a decline in audience, but an increase in revenue, will this change how these networks operate? Will they not place much value on the audience?

  11. Christina Huck says:

    This article was full of a lot of information that gives you insight to how company’s and industries are really doing. The fact that digital news is doing well really is not that surprising, considering a lot of people use their computers and ipads and phones more than anything else. The audience for everything else is pretty much failing, but I believe it is because they are giving up and not trying to get viewers and compete. No one wants to put in the effort, and thats partly because they just don’t have the money to spend in this harsh economy. Which is understandable because no one wants to go bankrupt or have to be bought out by another company, but then again if they don’t step up their game they will end up failing anyway, so why not take the chance to improve.
    Audio, as in AM/FM has been doing well, which surprised me. I would have thought that they would have been doing worse because of all the HD radio stations and Ipods and so on. It’s interesting that radio is a lot of people’s source of national and international news. That had never occurred to me before.
    Local T.V. did not do so well last year, which kind of surprised me because it was the big stations that they talked about not doing well, but I think after this year, with all the fighting and wars across seas, and the tsunami and earthquake. I know in my house that it all thats on, all day long.
    Over all I am not surprised by most of the information I read, it is just added information to what we hear in class.

  12. Kate A. Green says:

    This article in a way still baffles me. I just don’t understand how TV ratings,digital, news papers and etc.. are going down so much. The one that is most shocking is TV, America is known for being couch potatoes that sit in front of the TV all day. I guess the computer has replaced the TV. I just know that my family still watches the news a lot and so does a lot of other people I know. I also know a lot of people who read news papers religiously. At the same time though the internet increase is understandable and especially the whole mobile phone to find out the news, I do that.Its easily accessible when your not near a computer or TV. It just seems like internet would would increase but all the others would stay the same. I find it easier turning on the tv knowing whats going on then having to search for stuff on the internet. It is true in the article though when they said who ever can keep up technologically will survive, people want what they want. Survival of technology is what it comes down to.

  13. Catherine Rodgers says:

    Looking over the key points, the biggest focus is on the digital industry. More people are turning to the internet as an information source rather than tv, magazines, or newspapers. I find this to be true even with myself. The biggest obstacle facing the television, magazine, and newspaper industries is going to be finding their role in this digital world. Will television start to stream online? Will newspapers and magazines find a way to compete digitally? Radio, which has stayed rather stable, is beginning to show their digital side with ideas like Pandora. These industries need to cater to the needs of the consumers and customers. And right now, we want easy access to news and information. We want this information delivered digitally. The media industries really to focus on how they will compete in this increasingly digital world.

  14. William Bumpas says:

    I thought the part about Pandora and other online radio coming to cars was interesting. When most people listen to radio in their cars, is it only for music? Or will other radio programs, not found on Pandora, keep listeners from totally abandoning traditional AM/FM? What will be the effect of this shift upon news radio like NPR?

  15. Abe Dean says:

    The internet is being utilized because it is more accessible for most busy working americans and less time consuming to read over quickly. I use Fox news as my informer on my phone and when I can have that site directly text me top headlines and save me time and money it becomes blatantly obvious why most choose to scan the internet. It’s simply economical for your average person and practically the perfect medium for this modern style of living.

  16. Katie Ireland says:

    Developments in technology have always and will continue to be major factors in shaping our future. This is especially evident in the report findings from the State of the News Media. One specific example is how many viewers have stopped watching tv news reports. The new technology and availabilities of ipads and just the internet has made it much more simpler to learn about the news while doing many other things online. Technology will continue at such a fast pace, and as possible future journalists it is our job to recognize this and use it to our greatest advantage.

  17. Sydney Devers says:

    Technology is contiuously evolving. People are constantly looking for faster and easier ways to access all sorts of media. It is the journalists job to acknowledge these “fast pace” changes and find new more appealing ways to go about reporting.

  18. Heather Cray says:

    As I was reading the article I completely agreed. Of course, I would rather just Google information instead of searching a newspaper. I even just looked up my hometown newspaper. It is fast and easy and to be honest I think I learn more from Google than class. But, then I remembered.. I am a Journalism major! I have always wanted to go out into the world and fight for a story so that I can put it in the newspaper. So I now sort of feel like a hypocrite. I wish that newspapers were not declining because in a few years I do not want to have to be an online journalist. (Anyone can do that) I want something special and have it be printed and at the door of everyones homes the next morning. Although, let’s face it.. newspapers will just continue to decline.

  19. Heather Applewhite says:

    I still say that I’m a newspaper and magazine person, because of this I guess I didn’t really know that print was declining until I came to this class. I honestly hate getting on the computer, because I feel like I’m about to have to do something for school. As a kid I never got on the computer except to play cards or go on facebook or to write a paper that a teacher was making me write. I feel like on the computer we go looking for something, but I find out more when I’m at the store walking past newspapers and magazines that literally grab my attention and make me whip my head around. The internet never grabs my attention like that. Now I use the computer to find out facts on google for school, but other than school I probably would hardly ever use google. TV is time consuming to me. You have to sit and watch and wait, but with newspapers and magazines and now computer people can take it with them wherever they go. I feel like cable is the least used, but maybe that’s just in my world.

  20. Julie Lawson says:

    Although print circulation for magazines and newspapers continue to decline, I think the online audience for these will continue to increase over the next few years. Magazines may not need a cover page online, but they must find a way to turn our attention towards their articles in order to increase their audience. For example, I do not search on google for world news, but during my daily task of checking my e-mail, the AOL “cover page” is filled with enticing headlines that get my attention just like a newspaper or magazine cover page in the grocery store. Changes have occurred in the state of the news media over the past year; however, I believe constant readjustment to these changes is needed in order to see a consistent increase in revenue.

  21. Paige Dominick says:

    I understand completely why t.v., newspapers, and magazines, have declined so much. Going online to get news is fast and easy to access. Also a major factor is its free. You do not even have to leave your house. After reading that article I am convinced that in a couple of years newspapers will no longer exist. Even if news websites start charging a fee to access them they are still convient, thats is important to most people.

  22. Marrissa Senneff says:

    1. The digital world seems to be doing really well. This is not surprising considering apples new i creations and other companies are not fallowing far behind. The printed world, however, seems to be losing their consumers. I don’t believe that print or the radio will ever die. I do feel it will be moved to the back burner. It will be kept around for argumentive purposes; internet newspapers are something to have at hand with the press of the button, printed news savor and call our history. Cable has created a device that lets you fast-forward and rewind and record shows in order to compete with the internet, which lets you watch the shows after they have first aired. Changes in the media are helping journalism grow into something bigger.

  23. Briana Dubaz says:

    It isnt suprising to me that news is being accessed more, because it is much more accessable! I mean, all you have to do is log into your computer. The internet has made the communication of news so simple and easy. Although print seems to be losing some users i dont think it will ever die. An actual newspaper with coffee in the morning is an American tradition and i dont see that simply dying out. Although, even if newspapers begin to charge a fee for usage online i would pay, because it is just so convenient.

  24. Paige Steward says:

    It comes as no surprise that the web has surpassed all over mediums. The use of the internet almost comes natural to all that are growing up in the 21th century. It is so much easier to search online for what you need to know instead of going to pick up a newspaper. However, I think there should be someway to distinguish between simply surfing the web and watching your favorite TV show on Hulu. I think just because I don’t watch that show when it airs on TV doesn’t mean that I am not “watching TV.” Just as Dr. Husni said in class, when someone asks what are you doing you don’t say surfing the web when you’re watching a movie. You say I am watching a movie.

  25. Samantha Stack says:

    T.V., radio, magazines, and newspapers have declined so much because the internet is so much more convenient. You can do all these things on the computer anytime you want with less commercials, ads, and without having to search through the paper for news. You can just search for whatever you want to know and find it without having to go through the entire paper or magazine. With the internet making everything else so much easier it is no surprise that TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers are declining.

  26. Cassidy Hopkins says:

    It is important for everyone to realize that this is the time for change. The old-fashioned population, those who have been holding on the old ways simply because that is the way they have always done things, are being out-voted by the young adult generation. This is Generation X, notorious for always searching for that extreme feeling. We are advocates of change. The next generation will be even more adamant about it. I think this will be increasingly important in the digital world. The young adult population loves two things: digital and mobil. It is important to us that we can always be connected. We have grown up with computers and cell phones and, for the most part, we are masters of these devices. As more people begin to rely on computers and cell phones in thier everyday lives, everyone else will have to constantly produce some change to keep up. The medium that embraces this change will prevail, while the medium that rejects it will tumble and fall.

  27. Daniel Forman says:

    Hometown news is hard for me to receive up here in oxford. I live in a small town in south Miss. When I am home, we usually get a newspaper daily. When I am up here, I am a digital man for my news. I look up local news for my hometown online when I am up. I always use digital to receive my international news. I guess it all depends on where I am to determine what type of news I use. I really love being home and reading the newspaper because it seems to go into more detail with sports than it does online. That is my personal opinion.

  28. Derickson Flinn says:

    This article sheds a lot of light on the changing news media. The acknowledgment of PBS and NPR radio’s commercial growth proves that their is an audience for news media. The success of the new news media will come from the specialization of articles for certain readers or listeners, attracting elite advertising. This article paints a clear picture that there is a future for news media, but it requires that the forms and procedures of day change.

  29. Rachael Clark says:

    Even though internet is clearly the new way to go for news, newspapers have begun to throw in the towel before it’s time. It’s true: internet news is a lot easier to just Google whatever news story you are interested in and find an article or video pertaining to that issue only. When you watch the news on television you generally have to listen to other issues that aren’t interesting to you only to see that your particular issue of interest got put on the “60 Seconds Around the Globe” segment. Often the news covers something too much, like the entire Charlie Sheen issue. Maybe newspapers need to look for the light at the end of the tunnel, they aren’t all going to disappear as long as they work to stay on top of their game. News channels also need to diversify their programs to provide more interest to their viewers. Overall, if these other outputs of news and media don’t begin to bring their A game, I’m afraid that eventually internet will steal all of their business, once and for all.

  30. Sydnee Stafford says:

    it makes sense that all other forms of media such as tv, magazines, newspapers, etc. have declined. people want fast, easy access without waiting and the internet is right there to offer that. you can read a magazine, newspaper or watch the news on the internet so there is no need to waste your time with other forms of media when you can get everything you want with the internet. i personally prefer the internet to the other forms of media. it’s simple and fast and gives me all the answer i need at the click of a button. what the other forms of media need to be concerned with is how they can creatively draw their once loyal followers back in, instead of losing everyone to the internet.

  31. Ryla Lind says:

    The internet is more available and more convenient than any other forms of media. For immediate use, I look on my phone to view the news, weather, etc. It’s not surprising that 47% of Americans use their phones to view local news. It is just more convenient to use if you are not at home watching it on TV. You can view the news wherever you are. Also, news is read on the web more than print. For an example, reading a newspaper online like the Clarion Ledger is free to view unlike having the print where you have a subscription. Back home, my family gets the Clarion Ledger every morning and I don’t understand why when they can view it online for free. Another reason for the news being viewed on the web is what I said before. It is more available and more convenient. There will always be some that love the newspapers and magazines, but the majority is turning to web right now.

  32. Riley Pickett says:

    Personally, I prefer getting my news online rather than reading a newspaper. Reading a newspaper involves actually going out and buying it while with the internet, I can just pull up a website and skim a variety of articles in a short amount of time. While it may sound like laziness, I prefer calling it efficiency. Reading my news online is much more convenient in my hectic life. Also, having news apps on my iPhone allows me to check the headlines anywhere and any time. With newspapers, the news is already a day old, while with the internet, the latest news updates literally pop up on my iPhone screen. Don’t get me wrong, I love print. I like being able to leisurely leaf through a newspaper and engross myself in the stories. However, with my busy life, the internet is just much easier, and that’s what it all comes down to.

  33. Ansley Lance says:

    I completely agree with the article. It is so much easier to just type something into google then searching through the newspaper or waiting to hear it on television. It is also free to go online and read the news and magazines. Most people get their news this way and I think that the internet will keep on expanding and sometime in the future there will no longer be newspapers. Because people like to find things fast and that is why people love looking at things online.

  34. Deanna Gentry says:

    When you want to catch up with the news, would you rather pay for a newspaper or look up the information for free and easily on your cell phone? It does not suprise me that everying- newspapers, magazine, etc. are turing into digital sources of information. The internet is becoming so vast and easily attainable that it will soon sweep newspapers and magazines off of the market. I think if newspapers want to make its way to the top and actually stay there that they have to reinvent the way that they do business. They need a way to grab customers in a way that it has never been done before. The next best thing for newspaper businesses to do is to resort to online businesses like their competitors.

  35. Katherine Lence says:

    I think that the change in today’s ‘society’ turning to the internet more and not other news sources its purely just trend. when the radio was invented and got its popularity- it was the news source the that time. and same goes for the television, and even internet. i think its just grown on people and its the cool thing to do. and like everything else in this world what is loosing by this trend is just gonna have to make a comeback or perish. que sere, sera.

  36. Dj says:

    i’m not surprised that people are using the internet to get their news and everything else. the web is faster, easier, and it sort of gives one a sort of ambiguous boost of power. you’re your own person, or not. you can basically be whoever you want to be personality wise on the web. as for news, i believe that in the near future, streaming media like local news won’t be on television, it’ll be online. online station like CNN and FOX news will not even air on television because consumers will find it more convenient to get on the web especially since it’s everywhere.

  37. Heather Hall says:

    The internet is my go-to for everything, so it is really no surprise that the web is growing so quickly since 2010. Audience members in society are tired of tradition in my opinion, and the web is the newest thing on the market. Newspapers are “old news” and they actually cost more money to the consumer than does the web. This is the case for most every news source save AM/FM radio and the web. GOOD magazines require either a subscription or a “pay-as-you-go” method, TV requires a cable or satellite package, and so on. Some people, like Katherine Lence above, claim that the internet is just a trend. Though this may be true to a certain extent, is it not also true of everything else in our society? Cell phones, iPads, computers, etc are considered trends because they are so new and technologically advanced. But, think about old media. Newspapers, magazines, radio, TV–all of these are still trends as well, they are just well-adapted trends that have continued for a long period of time. A trend is a wave of popularity, in my opinion, and the web is definitely a huge wave. However, by blaming it’s success on the trend aspect is an understatement. The web is much more than that. The web is a fast, easy, consumer-friendly place for everyone (no matter the discrimination). The web provides what ever everyone in our society needs: a place for advertisements, a place for social mingling, a place for dating, a place for sale of products, a place for knowledge, a place to play, a place for anything one could imagine. No wonder it is today’s leading media and news source!

  38. Luci Strickland says:

    I totally understand why the newspapers and other sources of news are “dying”. I feel like most everyone these days has some kind of smart phone where they can access the internet and find the news they want without having to pick up or pay for a paper. Also, if people do not have a smart phone they at least have a computer and can pick up wireless to access the news online. I also believe this is the reason why other sources for news are falling in ratings as well. Nowadays people can just go online a watch just one clip about information they want to know instead of having to watch a whole news program.

  39. Valone Gordon says:

    I think that the internet has become more of a demand in today’s society. I also think that it has become more of a necessity. I check my email and instant messages so many times a day and if the internet was to stop working for thirty minutes, I would probably go crazy.

  40. Adriana Mercier says:

    The media is changing very quickly. As stated in class, the only constant thing about media is change. It is very obvious that many people are getting that news from the internet instead of the newspapers. I am one of those people. I have never been a big fan of reading the newspaper, when it is so easy to just open up my computer and type in the news. Many people, however, are also not watching the news and looking up the news on the internet instead. It is just harder to sit down and a certain time to catch the news when you might have something going on. However, people always have acess to the internet and can look up the news when ever they have time. I think that all newspapers and news channels should have websites for people to look on. This would make their profit alot higher.

  41. Adriana Mercier says:

    Media is full of change. As stated in class the only thing constant about media is change. Several people use the internet today as their source of news. The internet is always up and easy to look at whenever someone has free time. However, when watching the news, you must be set in front of the television at a certain time, and wait for comercials in between. Also, newspapers are going down fast. Many people have given up on reading the newspapers,and sadly i am one of those. I have never been a big fan of the newspapers. However, i think that many people in my generation are the same way. I think that if newspapers and news broadcasting companies have websites, their profit will go up much more. Internet is becoming such a easy and simple way to catch up on the news. You can even get it on your phones!!!

  42. molly rhoades says:

    When I read the article a week ago I couldnt help but not be surpised. It just shows us exactly where journalism is going the internet! With this knowledge I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing. People are spending more time on their Ipads, kindle’s, laptops, etc getting the news and lets be honest atleast they are still reading the news no matter how they get it. However, as a college student I am fully aware that every single time I sign onto my computer to do homework, find a book for class, etc I don’t do any of those things I just get on facebook and twitter. The internet is an amazing thing and I am pleased that people can now get the news on the internet but is it going to make America even lazier then before. Then there is all the stuff on Revenue and Income and how Newspapers are down like crazy but tv is still doing fine…thats great but I truly feel that the newspaper is the best way to get the news and that they need to find a way to get more ads out there so that they get more revenue. A newspaper gives you everything you need to know about what is going on and you can’t get distracted by flipping the channel or getting on facebook. Finally, comes the fabulous Newsweek/Daily Beast buy out and the AOL/Huffington Post Buy out! I AM THRILLED. Maybe now we will have change which is exactly what we need. It will bring something back into the print world that keeps readers fascinated and excited again. I am partial to print but that is of course because I am print major and I would like a job after college haha

  43. Natasha Wilbourn says:

    The State of the News Media 2011 is the annual report on the health and status of American journalism. This survey on how people use mobile technology to get local news is interesting. It compares the U.S. newspaper industry with the rest of the world’s. The two reports on community news websites is what interested me most. New community news are creating content that will refine their audiences and draw new audiences. They are also doing what it takes to establish and secure their revenue.

  44. caroline hall says:

    Timing is everything. The world is starting to become one big media source. Through the internet anyone can get information quickly and efficiently. Its time that the news rooms start embracing the power of the web. Big names like CNN, CBS, FOX, etc. are doing live posts to the internet so anyone who is plugged in can get the news. Yes the internet has completely changed everything, but as soon as stations start to use the internet as a way to expand, the change can be a very good thing.

  45. Corianna Newsom says:

    I have in the past few years stopped watching tv or news and went online. So everything this article pertains is true. Newspaper and other sources are dying especially when you have a smart phone. Many of friends do the same as well. Now that mobile phones are broading there technology; I have started looking up weather and visting social media on my mobile device. I actually prefer it rather than getting on my laptop. News is always at my fingertips.

  46. Jasmine Mays says:

    Things being done online don’t surprise me at all. The internet is like the main trend at this time. Everything from shopping, reading magazines and newspapers, to watching movies and television can be done there. It’s mainly because of the high tech, portable items such as the ipad, laptops, and cellphones. People have access to the internet from all three. I have access to a lot of things wherever I’m at because of my cell phone and that’s better because I don’t have to search a newspaper nor wait on the news to come on to catch the story I’m interested in. The internet offers more things on different things, that’s the main reason why it’s taking over.

  47. Tiquilla McDowell says:

    Over the few years, the Internet has become increasingly popular. I get on the Internet throughout the day to watch movies on Netflix, check my mail, or to watch tv shows on Hulu. I have begun to rely on the Internet for everything I don’t even read newspapers anymore.

  48. Meghan Jackson says:

    Change is happening and we better get with the program!! We no longer have to look for print media because it is readily available for us through the internet. Online news is now more than ever readily available and free for all to a certain extent. In this day and era, our generation is all for new things, cutting edge, and answers the question “what Is In It for me”? Online news meets the demand for this generation. In this post, Pew Research displays how newspapers have declined rapidly, in comparison to other types of media. It also noted how the mobile online is more convenient than sitting at a desk on a desktop. Online is an independent factor of our society. I feel that we are starting to see that print set a pretty high standard and the digital media is trying to out do what has already been done. The audience is a very influential crowd. They will only answer to what journalists publish. What they publish will determine the standings of print.

  49. Robyn E. Simmons says:

    There is no need to rush home to watch the 5 o’clock news broadcast anymore, Or stand in line at a gas station to purchase a print newspaper! As TV, magazines, radio and newspappers are declining, online media is on the rise. It is much easier to grab your cell phone or ipad to find the breaking stories that may have happend 5 minutes ago!.. Today, people can even subscribe to a news station’s text messages and recieve the news as soon as the anchors do. When using online news, it always gets to the point. You may not want to see the weather or the sports, so you bypass those things and quickly click on what you logged on to read. Online media is also free. News stations, radio stations and newspappers all have websites, so why not get it quicker while getting it free?

  50. Taylor Kamnetz says:

    I believe that yes, the way most people think of journalism is changing dramatically and at a rapid pace. New and rising increase of social networking sites are connected people of the world more and more as the days pass, but this doesn’t mean average joes are journalists. Sure, they may post news they have seen from a different website, or even update people with whats going on around the world in a status, but the factuality of their statements are not proven, and its very likely that these ‘news’ statements they have are primarily bias due to a huge input of their own opinions. I think its a great thing for people to pass on news thats happening in the world we live in to their friends or follower, but I think people need to be weary of the truth in the posts they see, and to search a little further in to the matter before thinking they have entire knowledge on that subject.

  51. Kyle Ishman says:

    We live in a ever changing world and the internet has allowed for some people to save money or strike it rich. But at the same major it has allowed for a lot of job loss. With the development of the internet over the last ten years and the creation of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook news stands are losing business daily. Consumers dont have to wait for the moring paper to find out about the latest news they might have missed on the news that previous night. Now any story that might be a huge story is posted all over the internet the second it happens and it allows for a more convient experiecne for the reader who can read anywhere as long as they have a internet connection. This wasn’t happening twenty years ago, nor ten years ago but with the new developments you have to expect the news paper industry to hop on the band wagon. After all every news paper wants to be the first to release the biggest story and that wouldn’t ever happen if they didn’t join the new form of multi media.

  52. Keiunna Thompson says:

    There is always a battle between people. Sometimes we love that the internet was created, but then other times we feel as though the internet is harming other forms of media. I personally google just about everything whether it’s information about celebs, school work, or even the news. I do trust Yahoo News, alot, though. But consumers and producers can’t help but love the speed at which they can now be informed about just about anything. There is no more waiting for tomorrow’s paper or the new episode of your favorite tv show or even the weather! I guess the younger generation embraces the internet more because it’s what we grew up on. The older generation looks back and yearns for the days before the internet “destroyed” the world.

  53. Candice Stanford says:

    The internet has definitely become a reliable source for today’s society. We use the internet for everything and because of this we do not rely on television or radio as much. In my opinion, there is always going to be a positive and a negative aspect of any outcome. Change is a part of everyday life and people are just going to have to get use to it. I love Facebook, Twitter, Google and all the other internet resources, but at the same time I still watch television news as well. These social network sites are going to remain popular and in the future more social networks are going to be created. So the television and radio news just need to be more creative at getting the society’s attention.

  54. Jennifer Nassar says:

    It’s no surprise that readers are relying more on online sources than any other medium today. The internet is pretty much the home of information, especially for young people. I believe social networks such as Facebook and Twitter give a part to that. If you’re on a social network and you see a status or tweet of something that is going on the world, I doubt that you’re going to turn on your tv or pick up a newspaper. You’re most likely to open another tab on your computer and either go to google or yahoo news or where ever you can get information.

  55. Courtney Smith says:

    This was a very good article and very detailed and well stated. The world is changing in many different ways and it is all for the better if you ask me. We no longer have to go out to get newspapers or magazines to know what is goin on in the world today. We can literally just watch it all on TV or look it up online and it’ll be just the same just quicker and more convenient.

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