The Future of Television: The Hulu Point of View

Jason Kilar, CEO of Hulu offers his thoughts on the future of television. He writes on the Hulu blog:

The Hulu team is often asked about our thoughts on the future of TV. The following represents our point of view, which has been materially influenced by our daily interactions with users, advertisers, and content owners. We are fortunate to have such meaningful interactions with these three customer sets, and we are relentlessly inventing better ways to serve them.

The future of TV.

Distributors will certainly play a role in the future of TV, but we believe that three potent forces will be far more powerful in shaping that future: consumers, advertisers and content owners.

Consumers have spoken emphatically as to what they want and what they do not want in their future television experience. What we’ve heard:

* Traditional TV has too many ads. Users have demonstrated that they will go to great lengths to avoid the advertising load that traditional TV places upon them. Setting aside sports and other live event programming, consumers are increasingly moving to on-demand viewing, in part because of the lighter ad load (achieved via ad-skipping DVRs, traditional video on demand systems, and/or online viewing).
* Consumers want TV to be more convenient for them. People want programs to start at a time that is convenient for their schedules, not at a time dictated to them. Consumption of original TV episodes will eventually mirror theatrical movie attendance: big opening Friday nights, but more consumption will be in the days and weeks afterward. Consumers also want the freedom to be able to watch TV on whatever screen is most convenient for them, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a PC, or, yes, a TV.
* Consumers are demonstrating that they are the greatest marketing force a good television show or movie could ever have, given the powerful social media tools at consumers’ disposal. Consumers now also have the power to immediately tank a bad series, given how fast and broad consumer sentiment is disseminated. This is nothing short of a game-changer for content creators, owners, and distributors.

Please read the entire blog here, come back to the Experience Makers blog and comment on his thoughts and ideas about the future of television.


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73 Responses to The Future of Television: The Hulu Point of View

  1. Cameron Cook says:

    TV is a major form of media that many people watch everyday. Also, you can now watch it on your phone, computer, and even these new tablets. I see where Kilar is coming from in which he talks about reinventing TV. He talks about Hulu and advertisements along with the payments. Many people today are fed up with commercials and just rather see their show or sport being played. Even by subscribing to the Hulu Plus you are still receiving ads with your monthly payment. A similar corporation is netflix. For netflix you also pay per month in which you do not receive any advertisements. I guess it is just preference, if you dont mind seeing these ads. Whatever the outcome of this change in TV is, I feel that TV will still be a huge hit.

  2. Samira Abunemeh says:

    Hulu seems to be on the right track, and I hope the website works if it means other distruibuters will lower prices. I’ve never been on Hulu, so I have trouble understanding just what this website is and how much of a game-changer it is. Regular TV is just too in grained in me. While I would like to not be confined to a certian time to watch a television show, I also like the anticipation that priemere creates. Also, if I don’t have to watch my show at that certain time, odds are I would not watch the show until much later now that I have a busy schedule. Concreate time primeres force me to relax. I wonder then how the liberation of concreate preimeres will change television. Also, many shows have cliffhangers throughout the episode that cuts straight to ads. If there are not many ads anymore, how will this change how screenwriters write episodes? What Hulu and many Internet-based television seems to lose though is the family characteristic that regular TV has. I would rather watch a show on the TV in the living room with my family then on my iPhone or laptop in my room. Being with the family makes a show more entertaining, and these other methods seem to just isolated us more. Besides all this there is one question that keeps on bugging me. Why are televison and radio doing much better handling the new digital move than newspapers and magazines? Whatever these medias are doing, newspapers and magizines must learn and copy if they want to survive prosperously.

    • Florence says:

      I think the day will arrive when computer monitors and TV sets merge into one large computerized smart-viewing screen entertainment system. At such a large size, I’d even be happy to allow one small side, top or bottom of the screen to regularly show multiple squares of individually live-running commercials–whether they be banners or actual miniaturized commercials with actors talking about a product–while my viewed show of choice continues, unabated. Sort of like the pop-up ads continuously running on the side of my computer screen. Something’s gotta change–if it doesn’t soon, then the something changing will be the increasingly fleeing numbers of traditional TV programmers’ viewing audiences and ratings.

  3. Casey Holliday says:

    It finally seems like someone gets it. For many people, especially always busy college students, there just is not enough time in the day to watch shows when they air on TV. Putting them on the internet, albeit with ad support, gives us a way to still watch the newest Glee or Family Guy without having to try to plan our weekly schedules around it. If I have thirty minutes of free time, I can just whip out my laptop and enjoy, something unheard of a few years ago. The only problem is that companies are reluctant to allow free viewings of their shows without compensation, but Hulu seems to have found a way to do just that, and more and more studios are jumping on the bandwagon.

  4. Mary Catherine Ford says:

    I visit the webcite Hulu almost everyday. It works with my schedual more and has all of my favoirte shows. I know I will be using the webcite for a long time. I never watch actual t.v. anymore I only use Hulu. It also doesnt have very many commericals and if there are they last thrity seconds maximum, which is another factor as to why I love it. T.v. is definately headed online and I couldnt be more happy about it.

  5. Molly Rhoades says:

    Hulu and websites such as Hulu are in my opinion some of the best ideas television has created. Unlike the television channels where you sit in front of your tv and watch a show right when it is first aired and sit through 20 of the 60 minutes justing being commercials you are able to watch Hulu with 30 second ads. The viewers are the one who support tv and what we want is what we should get. No body wants to sit in front of a television and watch a show right when it airs anymore because we all know there are different, faster ways to watch just by waiting a few hours. I know that ads are in part what keep a program and network running but these networks are going to fall behind when they continue to pretty much only show ads..because lets face it the only time people want to watch commercials is during the superbowl. Hulu has become a great source for watching tv…I never turn on my tv anymore because why should I when I have my laptop right in front of me that plays the same things and cuts backs on a large portion of commercials. I see no problem with Hulu staying in business because they give the viewers what they want…they can watch whenever, wherever, and don’t have commercials. It is a dream come true for tv viewers.

  6. Gabrielle Krotser says:

    With all of the On-demand programming we have at our finger-tips today why wouldn’t we avoid all those annoying T.V. advertisements. I think that Hulu is doing a great job by listening to their viewers because this is essentially what is going to keep their programing going. I think that today’s society has become so spoiled that without options like DVR and On-Demand it would lead to a lot of complaining people. Hulu is just another innovation of these T.V. programming sites that has come to work for people whether it works well with their schedule or it saves them the trouble of fast-forwarding through those pesty commercials with your DVR.

  7. Christina Huck says:

    John Kilar stated that the future of tv is up to the consumers, advertisers and content providers, and I couldn’t agree more. People these days are so fed up with having to sit through commercials that last longer than the segment of the show thats being aired. There will be maybe five minutes of the show then quickly go to commercial for an increasingly longer amount of time. It’s annoying. That is why Hulu is so successful. Their 30 second commercial breaks and are short and to the point and keep viwers coming back for more. What is also nice is that you can watch the shows anytime you want. It is not dictated by what time they are viewed on t.v. That is also another reason why Hulu is so great, and why they have done so well so quick. Also, the fact that it is legal and the videos actually load and don’t give people’s computers viruses is awesome. It’s the perfect site and I believe that it will continue to do well.

    • Florence says:

      Agreed. Plus, I don’t know about other people, but what irks me about today’s TV commercials, and commercial breaks, is not the oft-expressed complaint about loud volume, but the fact that the ads are so moronic featuring very grating or stupid characters. As a Baby Boomer, I recall that commercials always were silly, but when within the last 10 or 15 years they began to try to be “profound” and “mini-movies,” they lost my patience and attention. Just give me a short ad, tell me what the product is and what it does that’s good, and then get the heck outta my viewing range! 😉

  8. Kristen Peters says:

    Hulu is great because it makes television fit the schedules and the lives of users. Us users do not like the copious amounts of ads that are on regular TV, but Hulu uses ads that complement a users interest. This is a much better way of advertising, and it has made Hulu extremely successful. TV is changing because it is a technology, and technology is always changing. Dr. Husni said, “Change is the only constant,” which is very true for TV as well as Hulu. In order to stay successful both TV must change and Hulu must also change its means of advertising and catering to the needs of the consumer.

  9. ann-hayden rogers says:

    Hulu is taking a lead over all. It really is a great thing that we can come in from class, or whatever we are doing and be able to sit down and record it on DVR that afternoon and go back and watch it. But I visit Hulu atleast once a week. There are so many options on Hulu. I would much rather sit through a 30 second advertisement than watch all the commercials and advertisement on television. It is nice that Hulu offers some things free of cost, but to get just about anything you need to subscribe. I’d much rather do that than wait around flipping through a tv guide waiting on a certain show or movie to come on again.

  10. Shelby Reding says:

    My friends and myself watch television on Hulu all the time. I can’t even recall the last time I have actually watched tv on an actual television. Hulu can be used at anytime which make it convenient for anyone, unlike television because it has specific times that shows are being played which might not fit into everyone’s schedule. Another negative about television would be all the commercials and ads that they have while Hulu has none. I believe Hulu will be used for a very long time.

  11. Katherine Lence says:

    thank you!!!! to Hulu for realizing it all! rid the public of chronic commercials! if there is a need someone will fix it and then make that fix even better. I thought DVR and TVo were great, but just decreasing thier amount while adding all the other plus’s= even better. For once I admire the change technology has inspired. And they’ve done their math, this isn’t just a bunch of people plotting things that ‘might’ happen. these seem more follow through. without even asking me, they knew what i wanted in my television experience =]

  12. Kate A. Green says:

    I watch Hulu quite a bit and I even have Hulu Plus. I love it except I havent figured out how to hook it up to my TV. Besides that its much better than TV they have less commercials and I can pause my shows. These changes will make a big difference. I do also like my shows that come on at a certain because it adds suspense. This will just be different, but I like all the ideas.

  13. Kyle Ishman says:

    Hulu brings up a good point when it says that people dont like commercials. I personally hate them and anytime I can tevo around them or skip completely I do. I think that this is good that Hulu is looking into improving television in that way. I also like the part in the article that talks about the transition to tv shows to certain times that you want to see not when they want to turn start the program.

  14. Rebekah Hancock says:

    Hulu hits the nail on the head about commercials. I hate watching TV because there are so many ads so watch or turn the channel away from. Hulu is so much more convenient than regular TV too. I don’t have to plan my day around my TV shows, which is really aggravating, to me. I like the fact that I can pause whenever I want, or leave and come back as I please.

  15. Josh Spencer says:

    Originality will keep TV alive. Original sitcoms, dramas, and cartoons will keep people tuned into the TV. How many times have we heard someone say “I gotta get home to watch my show.” its that love watching fake characters deal with their problems on TV that keep people watching. the feeling of TV being a home for people will be the key to its survival…

  16. Betsy Baird says:

    Jason Kilar and the Hulu team are not only the most respected/watch (in my opinion) present form of television but they are also the future. Although the three things Kilar said the consumers want in future tv experience seems like a no brainer, Hulu is obviously embodying (or putting the best effort to) the consumers suggestions than any other online or tv source. The evidence is in the article but being a frequent Hulu watcher I can say they are doing exactly what they wrote. Commercials are cut to 30 seconds to a minute and the interruptions are not unbearable as most commercials I see on TV. I can watch the show I want at a time that is convenient for me. Hulu’s team sees that everyone just wants something convenient and thats mainly what they are playing off of and its completely working. Television’s future looks like its heading towards online. If so, will it still even be called TV?

  17. Kelly Scott says:

    Hulu has innovative ideas for TV, which will benefit everyone, whether they be advertisers, consumers, or content owners. They are addressing the needs of all these groups and effectively benefiting everyone. I think that online television, specifically Hulu, is the way of the future. It saves consumers money and gives them less commercials, pays content owners more than cable would, and advertisers have the ability to present their advertisements to specific audiences. By watching television through the internet we will have control over TV rather than TV controlling us. I have no doubt that Hulu will continue to expand and has the potential to be the next big thing!

  18. William Crosby says:

    Other than sports and award shows, I do not watch anything live on tv anymore. I will either watch it on hulu or another website that streams tv shows. It has nothing to do with commercials, though. I watch shows online because I do not have to make sure I am available at specific times. Instead of having to set aside 30 minutes at exactly 7 o’clock every Monday night to watch How I Met Your Mother, I can watch it anytime I want, even pausing the show if I am interrupted. With movies, I think you need to watch them on a large screen in order to get the whole experience, but television is a different story. The medium is not compromised when you watch it on a little screen. I believe these are the reasons the majority of televisions viewership will turn to hulu and other on demand services.

  19. Chris Cruthird says:

    His comments on the future of television seem spot on. My girlfriend is a Hulu devoute. She tries to make special efforts to catch the show on television it’s first run, watching shows on the actual TV as opposed to on a laptop remains the preference by a long shot, but having missed them she rapidly catches up on them via Hulu. What i’ve noticed is

    1) Were she unable to catch these shows on Hulu, she would stop watching them. I can sympathize, my tendency is to simply purchase the shows on DVD when the season is over with and watch them en mass. Especially with the strong story-line oriented series on nowdays, it’s difficult to simply pick up on a series in the middle. Therefore having a means of “catching up” seems to be critical for the future success of these shows.

    2) She is still strongly incentived to watch it on the television first. The story arrives quicker, commercials aside it’s a more pleasant experience to sit on your couch without a computer on your laptop watching the show at a higher quality on a bigger screen with better sound. Plus I sometimes watch TV with her while I have no desire to crowd around a laptop screen.

    most importantly
    3) She pays about as much attention to ads on Hulu as on TV, which is to say virtually none. She goes so far as to mute the sound and, ironically, unmute the TV for the 30 seconds which happens to simultaneously be on or to click on a tab in her web-browser and look at some other webpage.

    I don’t feel Hulu impinges on TV any, not so far as I can tell at least.

  20. Jade Amerson says:

    I believe Hulu has hit it right on the mark. While watching TV, most people are thinking “stop with the commercials already!” A thirty minute show is minutely cut down to almost twelve minutes of air time. The idea of DVR and TVo were great, but just decreasing thier amount while adding all the other benefits is even better. For once I admire the change technology has inspired. And they’ve done their math, this isn’t just a bunch of people plotting things that ‘might’ happen. They have really thought into what the consumer wants.

  21. Hattie Wheeler says:

    Finally! It seems like over the years people have been trying to improve television and helping the consumers with things like tivo, DVR, satellite cable etc. trying to save you from watching all the commercials. Yes with these you can fast forward and rewind and record live tv but it only provides you with a limited amount of time to fast forward resulting in watching commercials still. What I am trying to say is that something really needs to be done with television and all the commercials because the same ones are constantly replayed and are about half as long as the actual show that is on. Hulu has the right idea and I hope it becomes successful.

  22. jordan skinner says:

    I think that this is so true. As a college student if there is a TV show that I want to watch I will most likely watch it on my computer at a time convenient for me because I am not always free to watch the shows I like when they are aired. It really has nothing to do with commercials but its that I am able to pause it if I get distracted or I need to do something while watching my program. I think the increase in Hulu viewership and people buying TiVos and DVRs will not be slowing down anytime soon.

  23. Marcus Bell says:

    Hulu! Another idea I wish I would have thought of. The idea of offering the world the capability of watching all of their favorite shows on their own schedule is nothing short of ingenious. The one thing that annoys people about ordinary television is commercials and the nonnegotiable schedule of their favorite programs. Hulu kills both birds by offering all the desired programs commercial free when ever one has time to kick back and double click the mouse. And at the same price it makes a great substitue for the extra cable bill. I strongly believe this will be the future of Television. I can see it now, being able to watch every Ole Miss football/Dallas Mavericks basketball game of the year……..

  24. Marrissa Senneff says:

    Hulu allows for people to watch the shows they want to at a time that is convenient for them. On top of that commercials are cut to 30 seconds. Hulus workers see that what is best is what’s convenient. Viewers want to see less of commercials and more of the show. Hulu has done this and if they keep it up the TV will have no viewers. TV has a future online. I personally would rather watch t.v. on the TV screen than on my laptop. There were created for two different purposes and I feel it should stay that way. However, Hulu knows how to run things.

  25. Brady Ondra says:

    HULU and the other sites like it are a great idea that solve the problem of annoying advertisements and that it gives the viewer the ability to watch their favorite shows at their own discretion. However, I don’t think the TV is going anywhere. The TV accomplishes something that HULU cannot, in that it gives the viewer the opportunity to make it more of a social experience. Like movies, watching TV with your family and friends is something that will be done forever in my opinion and this is were HULU falls short. Although it definitely has its place in the scheme of mass media.

  26. Lauren Lyles says:

    One Word: Hulu. Hulu has made a powerful impact on society of how we view TV. It answers the solutions to lengthy advertisements and allows viewers to watch their shows at their conviency. Although Hulu has done a miraculous I belive that TV is still the soal of society. I personally enjoy a commercial break every now and then it gives time for the famous “bathroom break”, or even the famous phrase “Mom can we wait until a commercial”. Also TV creates moments for family and friends, which Hulu doesnt provide the same atmosphere. I may just be “old school”, but I do agree that Hulu is the future in some aspects.

  27. Jasmine Mays says:

    I’ve never watched anything on Hulu but the ideas and points were great. Everyone complains about commercials on tv so who wouldn’t figure out a way to make things better. I personally have no problems with commercials because some of them are interesting and informing. I don’t anything will take the place of the television. Some people like watching shows on their computer screen but more people like watching shows on the television screen. Think about it, what if there are a lot of people watching the show with you, who wants to share a small computer screen.

  28. Heather Cray says:

    To be honest I am actually watching Hulu right now. Gotta watch The Bachelor before my 2:00! It is great or the dorm since there is no DVR and a great way to catch up on shows if you were in a class, party, or studying. There is also little commercials. I am pro out with the old in with the new. I dont feel like it is like getting rid of newspapers, it is just improving more ways to make things easier.

  29. asha Chatlani says:

    I am really indifferent abou hulu. Yes I have used it when I miss shows but I dont think I could just have hulu and not tv. I think maybe just because when I was growing up I watch tv. The next generation maybe using hulu or netflix for their tv only. I also do not like that hulu makes you have ads when you pay for huluplus. I think if i wanted to watch ads I would turn on my tv.

  30. Taylor Parker says:

    I think that this article has a great perception of what people want. But then again, if they are worried that cable television is such a hassle because of advertisement they haven’t really done all their research. It says that people want to watch tv when is convenient to them, well there is TIVO and other packages for tv networks that allow you to record the shows you want to want so that you CAN watch them when you want to. If people are complaining they need to realize that this is how most advertising companies make their money aside from billboards and ads in newspapers and internet. But as far as not having tv, I think it is completely absurd. Hulu is great to have but what if you’re not connected to wifi or have an internet connection anywhere you can’t watch it. Having basic cable is essential. But that is just my opinion on the matter.

  31. Julie Lawson says:

    Jason Kilar states, “People want programs to start at a time that is convenient for their schedules, not at a time dictated to them.” This is the very reason I am a fan of Hulu. There are only two shows that I watch, and there are only two ways that I watch them- through TiVo or HULU. I love having these options; however, the television would still come first if the shows came on at a time convenient to my schedule. Although America loves the convenience of having several viewing options, I do not believe that television will die out.

  32. Briana Dubaz says:

    I find the ideas for the future of television very idealistic. I have never personally used hulu but i have heard great things about the advantages of being able to watch your favorite television show online instead of having to be home at a certain time. I think the invention of a machine that gives all the advantages listed by Kilar should be thought about in the future because i know many families like mine would be very interested in purchasing such a machine no matter what the cost.

  33. Alexa Bode says:

    I believe Jason and Kilar and the Hulu company are revolutionizing the television industry. Almost all my friends use Hulu often or have used it at least a few times. Many people actually prefer to wait until a show is on Hulu, rather than watch it live on network television, because more and more time seems to be devoted to commercials. Though commercials can be skipped using a DVR player, Hulu takes it one step further because the consumer has such a wide variety of shows available to them at any time. Hulu is also the most versatile option available now in that it can be accessed virtually anywhere one has an internet connection. The viewer doesn’t even have to worry about purchasing a DVR, or setting it if they have one. It is always vital to give the customer just what they want, and with Hulu, the customer has countless options at their fingertips.

  34. Anna Beth Higginbotham says:

    I think Hulu really gets the idea of what the typical viewer wants today. Because of a more fast-paced life of the generation today, viewers do not want to make time for commercials. Hulu understands this and thats why it is having so much success. Because of the way technology is growing, Hulu is a great option.

  35. Nathaniel Weathersby says:

    First, I must jump on the bandwagon and say that what Hulu has done with the per-user per-month subscription change is a fantastic idea, financially, for everyone who works for Hulu. Next, I found it kind of funny when Jason Kilar said that this is a huge risk. Hulu has always been that saving grace when I or one of my friends miss an episode of our favorite show. I’m pretty sure that millions of other people feel the same way. Hulu has ensnared us within its trap of promising us endless viewings of free videos and now that it has it’s customers in its grasps, Hulu starts charging for the shows we love to watch freely. Sneaky move but effective to a frightening degree. It’s like the free trials offered by Netflix and DirectTV. No matter how much someone likes to watch shows in front of a television, whenever they miss an episode Hulu and other online television show providers will be there to catch their business. So I feel that with this change in subscription services will just add another mode of profit while they keep their loyal customers.

  36. Candice Stanford says:

    I have not yet experienced the enjoyment of Hulu. But I think it is a great new technology. I say this because I hate commercials and interruptions of a great movie or video that I am watching. I am pretty sure if I do have the opportunity to use Hulu, it will have its advantages and disadvantages but I believe in trying and experimenting with new things. I do agree with the statement that was said by Jason Kilar that people want things to start at a time that is convenient for them. That is just the way society thinks. They think everything is supposed to be in the best interest of themselves. Overall I think this was a great article and I am looking forward to trying Hulu.

  37. Ryla Lind says:

    Hulu is on the right track. Consumers are tired of watching a 30 minute show on television with 10-15 minute ads. I become irritated. Watching shows online are more convenient and easier. The ad revenues for Hulu show that it is better than traditional television. If Hulu can please the consumers, they will continue to grow. I prefer watching a show on television, but with the ads I would much rather find the show on the internet. Content owners have to find ways to keep the customers interested and right now, Hulu is the one that is doing that. One of the best things about Hulu is that some of it is free. You don’t have to buy a monthly subscription to watch shows. If a person wants to watch more, he/she can subscribe to Hulu Plus and only pay about $8 a month. Hulu is giving consumers chances to watch their favorite shows with minimum ads.

  38. Anna Hayman says:

    I visit hulu weekly just like any college student does. We all live busy lives, we all have favorite TV shows, and we all have tests to study for. Hulu is very convenient, we can miss our show because of studying for a test and then just watch it later when we have time. Not having 2 minutes worth of Ads every 10 or so minutes is a nice bonus when watching hulu. TiVo is a lot like hulu because you can watch your show later. I choose hulu over TiVo because I am not always around my TV to watch the shows I recorded. With hulu I can have my computer and be anywhere to watch it just as long as I have internet. In my opinion, hulu is definitely going in the right direction.

  39. Paige Steward says:

    Honestly, Hulu is God’s gift to Earth. I love Hulu. Since i don’t have a TV in my room, I can’t catch all of my favorite shows when they air. So I log into my account and watch the new episodes on my down time. I have tried Netflix. It doesn’t come close to my beloved Hulu. I honestly don’t think it worth the money unless you are a die hard movie lover and that is all that you watch. Hulu is very convient and you can watch it from any computer. I am excited about Hulu Plus which you can watch at home on the TV and also on an XBox 360. I think Hulu is doing a great job and the more people that get into it the bigger and better it will become.

  40. Jelan Kendrick says:

    The blog talks about the future of TV and the company Hulu’s plans for their future business. They believe that consumers are no longer watching regular TV, and are now getting their favorite shows at different times in different ways. Viewers are watching more television on-demand or online, and Hulu thinks it has a lot to do with ads. People don’t want to sit around and watch eleven minutes worth of ads during a thirty minute TV show, they want to be able to fast forward through the ads or skip them all together. Hulu talks about incorporating this information to better their business. They use fewer advertisements but since their costumer base is so large and their advertising is twice as affective as TV, advertisements are willing to pay. They also offer a subscription service where users can pay $7.99 a month for unlimited movies and shows, anytime they want anywhere. Through the use of subscription and advertising Hulu made $263 million in 2010 alone. I think Hulu has a good market plan, but their website/service is only available to United States residents. In only making their subscriptions available in the US I think they are losing a lot of money in the international market. There are many people in other countries, military families, students studying abroad, etc. that would like access to Hulu’s shows and movies and would probably be willing to pay for it. Another fault of Hulu’s is their flaws with their subscription program. For $7.99 a month members should not have to deal with ads, but with Hulu Plus they are still forced to endure ads with their shows. The company Netflix charges the same amount a month and they have a larger selection with no ads whatsoever. Those are the only flaws I think Hulu should work out, other than that I think their company is pretty good and defiantly have used their website before to watch shows. If they remove the ads for Hulu Plus and expand their services overseas I think they could be even more profitable in the years to come.

  41. Tiquilla McDowell says:

    I absolutely love the Hulu website. I use it to watch episodes that I have missed of my favorite shows such as Glee, Pretty Little Liars, and the Vampire Diaries. Hulu offers a lot of shows and movies on the website, but you have to upgrade to Hulu Plus for some of them.

  42. Steff Thomas says:

    I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t agree with opinion in some aspects.
    I, for one, am guilty of spending quite a bit of time watching television online.
    I actually told my parents that I didn’t want a TV in my dorm because I could just as easily cuddle up in my blankets and watch it on my computer.
    Saves time trying to find a place to put the TV, and saves space.
    I hate advertisements, even during the Superbowl.
    They take too long to get off the screen so I can enjoy the program that I turned the TV on for.
    However, I don’t think television is completely “evil.”
    I mean sure, you often have to wait for a certain time to watch your programs.
    And maybe it doesn’t always fit into your schedule, but what does?
    Sometimes you have to make sacrifices.
    And if the sacrifice you aren’t willing to make is missing your program’s premiere and watching it at a later date, maybe you should get your priorities straight.

    • Keiunna Thompson says:

      To add onto what Steff said, that is how the television used to keep consumers. With shows, they would air a really good show, and then you’d have to wait a week to see the next episode. That’s how they kept us interested by keeping us waiting and then, we didn’t mind. But now, with more and more technology coming out every second, we’re done playing the waiting game.

  43. Valone Gordon says:

    I really enjoy watching Hulu. I had never heard of it until I came here. I only have basic cable in my room right now and I can’t get some of the channels that I want. However, Hulu gives me so much to choose from. I watch it all the time.

  44. Joliasa Miller says:

    I have to agree with this blog. I personally own a hulu account and I am love my hulu account. Hulu provides less commercials of a show that most people watch. The world is getting busy, which means more people are having a tuff time to watch t.v. So they rely more on the internet and DVR to catch their favorite shows. Personally I would rather do that then watch it on regular programing and go through endless amounts of commercials. It seems like 30 min. shows are 10 mins. and the rest are commercials. Commercials are needed but to many can turn more people away from t.v and towards the other direction.

  45. Deanna Gentry says:

    The future of television seems bright and very reasonable according to this article. Everything is becoming more and more personalized to fit and satisfy the valued customer. I believe that the three factors that are listed will be seen in some sort of way to satisfy customers. Ads are becoming annoying by some, and are displeasing to others. The stop, pause, and play features available now on some televisions are leading to be installed on future televisions and it won’t be an optional but an aditional feature. Last but not least, customers are very opinionated so they will be in charge of what is playing on their television. I am looking forward to the future of television.

  46. Samantha Stack says:

    I use Hulu all the time. It is the perfect thing to do when there is nothing on few channels we get in the dorm, why should you pay to get all TV stations in the dorm when you can just watch the shows on Hulu. Hulu really understands the consumer and tries to cater to their needs, less commercials. The only thing better than Hulu is my DVR at home then I don’t have to watch any commcials at all.

  47. Kevin Williams says:

    I find internet movie and tv services like hulu and netflix far more convenient and enjoyabke than regular television. For one thing, i can watch an episode of a tv show that Im interested in on my schedule and usually am spared a good bit of advertising.

  48. Cassidy Hopkins says:

    Reinventing television? I’m afraid so. I watch very little t.v., and I have never been on the Hulu site. However, everyone I know seems to love it. I’m sure it’s much more convenient, and all those annoying ads are skipped right over. However, everything that sparkles is not gold. When did our lives become so busy that we can no longer squeeze thirty minutes out of our day to watch a television program? Personally, I think the world is moving too fast these days. Inconveniences like a scheduled television program that you just have to see are the only things that keep pulling us back to the real world. I do think Hulu is on the right track, if “progress” is what you’re looking for. However, I would like to see everyone stop hustling 24/7 and take time to breathe while whatching a real television program.

  49. Abe Dean says:

    He is absolutely correct..Hulu is what the people want.You can access it from virtually anything(any mobile device with internet streaming capabilities) while on the move.This solves the every American’s biggest issue..time to watch what they want. No commercials is some thing you practically expect from Hulu only making it more efficient for the efficient american.His intake on television is how he made such an amazing site.Tv’s flaws are eradicated with Hulu’s speedy ads, meanwhile ads are still being presented and still being payed for by the major companies..awsome website.

  50. Emily Davis says:

    I think Hulu is doing a great job in marketing TV. I think if they let people control which commercials they want to watch then people will be more inclined to watch advertisement. I think the future of television must change if it wants to stay ahead of internet.

  51. Catherine Rodgers says:

    The future of the television industry really depends on the consumers. If a company puts up a show that the viewers do not like, the company isn’t going to make money off of it. Hulu really has made an impact on the industry. I use Hulu at least twice a week to catch up on shows that I have missed. It’s really important for the industry to cater to the needs of the viewers. And thats why we have seen the ad revenue increase with Hulu. Its easy to access. Hulu does have some downsides though. For example, not every t.v. show is available and not all seasons or episodes are available. Also, with the subscription to Hulu plus, I wouldn’t pay for that. I don’t think its worth it. As long as the television focuses on the viewers and their needs, we will only see improvements in television.

  52. Paige Dominick says:

    I love watching t.v.on hulu. However i still do turn to t.v. when a brand new episode of jersey shore or family guy comes out. Sometimes I just do not feel like waiting a whole day for it to get put on Hulu. Even though there are a bunch of commercials I get to know exactly what is going to happen and I do not have to wait. However Hulu is great when I want to see what happen with a show and there are no commercials.

  53. Erica Boney says:

    Hulu seems to have a very effective plan mapped out for the future of television. They are focusing on the needs and wants of their consumers/customers which is the only way media platforms are going to flourish. I personally use a DVR as much as I possibly can. Sometimes there will be two shows on at the same time and the only way to see both is to record one or view it online. It also saves a large amount of time not having to watch all of the lame commercials on tv. I prefer the television to the computer but it is definitely a great back up option when you miss a show or movie. Hulu is extremely innovative and I admire them as a company. I believe that soon other companies will be following Hulu’s approach to viewing programs.

  54. Sydnee Stafford says:

    Hulu really knows what they’re doing. They have short commercials which don’t irritate people, the prices are great and to top it all off you can watch it whenever you want. There’s no racing to get to a tv at a certain time just so you won’t miss your show. It’s available to anyone, no matter what time of the day it is. Hulu offers fast access with little trouble which keeps consumers hooked and coming back for more. Congrats.

  55. Riley Pickett says:

    Hulu is genius. Personally, I watch ALL of my television shows on Hulu. Firstly, I don’t have cable in my dorm. Secondly, I just don’t have the time to watch the scheduled programming. Hulu lets me watch shows at my convenience and makes it easy. Hulu offers a ton of shows and include only a few short commercial with each programs. Although Hulu doesn’t offer EVERY show, it covers a broad range and definitely has made a huge impact on the television industry. With more and more people wanting to do things on their OWN time, the scheduled programming could take a hit while Hulu and other related websites continue to flourish and come to the forefront.

  56. Erica Marconi says:

    In my opinion I think Hulu is a wonderful idea along with other websites that post T.V. shows online. For people who are extremely busy all the time it is very difficult to watch their favorite T.V. programs on the days they are scheduled to be on. Especially for college students and full time employees. Also, when I watch a program on Hulu I don’t have to deal with long commercials, which is a plus.

  57. Adriana Mercier says:

    Hulu was a great idea. It is so hard to catch my favorite televison shows. Especially being a college student, my classes and studying for test keeps me so busy. I love the fact that even though i am so busy I can come into my dorm and catch my fav. show on my computer in my little free time. Also, it doesnt have any commercials! This is such a relief cause commercials can get pretty annoying at times. Hulu s such a great and easy way to catch up on your television shows!

  58. Natasha Wilbourn says:

    I totally agree with Hulu’s point of view when it comes to television. I’m a consumer and knows what people expect from their favorite stations. When I tune into my favorite tv shows, news broadcast, or any type of entertaining shows, I expect to see them at a convenient time for me. Hulu has changed the way consumers experience televison tremendously. As long as an internet connection is available, your favorite shows are readily available to you… always.

  59. Wesley Sutton says:

    I’ve been using Hulu since it was first debuted a couple of years ago. As an avid tv junkee, I was able to stay caught up with the shows I liked without having to sacrifice my personal schedule and the ads weren’t as cumbersome as they are on network and cable television. The thing that Hulu does well is that most ads have the question about if the product/service advertised is relevant/interesting to you. If you answer no, then they will cut back on showing commercials for these types of services/products over and over again. With this, the advertising is now more so for things that I would actually be interested in buying meaning that the ads are actually hitting more of a target and I’m not stuck seeing commercials for things like cholesterol medicine or what have you. Though some have complained about charging for a service like Hulu Plus, I have considered multiple times to subscribe. To get back catalogs on sometimes entire tv series for only $8 a month is an understandable price and provides so much worthy content.

  60. Keiunna Thompson says:

    I am an avid hulu user. But hulu also has commercials, though they are less annoying than the ones seen on tv. Though hulu is doing a great job catering to the consumer’s needs, or at least trying to, I feel that consumer’s needs should be what all producers consider when forcing either offering their product to us or forcefully shoving it down our throat( via the same annoying commercial that comes on every 5 minutes).

  61. Heather Applewhite says:

    Well… I didn’t know you could watch full tv shows on the computer. That is so handy. I’m not sure if I would like that or not. I’m a channel flipper, which means I watch more than one show at a time. If a computer can do that than I don’t have that nice of a computer… or I don’t think I do. I honestly thought I was in the digital age but apparently I’m not. I feel like computer screens are so small and if someone didn’t have a laptop, just a home computer, than they’d have to watch in the uncomfortable computer chair. Even if a person has a laptop they’ll have to hold it or set it somewhere odd to see it. I guess it would be good if a person was going room to room doing different cords, but the likely hood of the computer dying pretty quickly would be a negative factor. It would be easy to get cheap little tvs in each chore room if a person was that set on the fact of watching tv. Tv does have a few too many ads but that’s why I record my shows and sometimes I like ads because that’s when I need to get up and do things. I’m ranting… I guess I’m saying, why watch TELEVISION SHOWS on your laptop WHEN you have a tv available.

  62. Meghan Jackson says:

    TV is a major part of our daily lives as far as it being a form of media that influences many. Also, it is available for viewing on mobile phones, computers, and the new iPad. Kilar’s point of view lies at remaking television and making it better. He discusses Hulu and advertisements along with the payments. Many people disagree with they way commercials interrupting the program with their false advertisement on something they know probably won’t work or isn’t good for them. Reading, I have realized that when you subscibe to the Hulu Plus I am still receiving ads with my monthly payment. Regardless we have to have some type of advertisements it is how people are aware of new gadgets or products that could potentially help them. Commercials are okay but some we can do without. I believe this is why they Hulu Plus was created to show commercials with impact rather than stupidity.

  63. Robyn E. Simmons says:

    Television and advertisements are ways to reach out to people and also communicate. television programs now cateer to all races, genders and ages. Weekly sitcoms are very popular because they keep you interested while watching from week to week, but many people have become irritated by the ads or commercials. Commerials and ads are only aired for advertisement. Marketers use commmercials to introduce their poducts. Theykknow millions of people are watching these shows so why not try to sale their product to those million? Hulu is an online website where you can watch shows a day late without the commercials. However, this is not fair to the marketers. How will they advertise their products when everyone watches shows on Hulu?

  64. Paris Crawford says:

    Hulu plus will be great for the future of television. When some of our favorite shows air, we are not able to catch it the big night due to several reasons. With Hulu, we will be able to watch it days after until the season is over. That is awesome! Fortunately, it is with many well known channels with hot shows. Consumers will play a huge part in this. Hulu gives the consumers what they want. They are able to do this by asking them what they want and do not want in their future for television. Avoiding too many ads will be a great boost. When people watch television, they do not watch it for commercials. It is a known fact that most watchers are upset when the commercial breaks come. Sure, it does help to know about the latest movies, cleaning products, etc, but these things are of no importance to the show. Hulu will not lose focus of what matters most which are the customers. Hulu’s goal is to invent tv and make it better for consumers.

  65. Kyle Ishman says:

    Noone goes to the movie theater to see comercials during the movie. They play before the actuall movie, which is why everyone always tells you the time the movie is said to start but then says we have ten minutes leway because of all the commercials and ads. When we think about the way we watch movies and the haterd Amercians seem to have for commercials I always wonder why the Television people dont just play all the comercials at the beginning like they do in the movies. That way they still get there money and we can avoid watching them without interruption during our tv shows. Like Kilar said Tv needs to be reinvented and I suggest that be the way they do it. If not they will have a hard time making people watch tv with comercials because its so easy for us to just watch it on the internet without the commercials.

  66. Heather Hall says:

    Although I have never watch the online free videos offered by Hulu, my fiancee definitely finds them entertaining and “less annoying” than real TV. If I knew I could find my favorite shows and movies online at no cost to me, I would join as well. Upon reading the interview with Jason Kilar, I found myself continuously agreeing with him on almost every point dealing with traditional television. Yes, there are too many mis-targeted, boring advertisements between and during TV programs. I, myself, own a TiVo for the sole purpose of not having to watch any commercials. I want to watch my shows without any interruption. Although Hulu has some advertisements, I really can’t complain. They are targeted to the correct viewers, and I can watch anything online with no cost to me. Hulu Plus is a great idea in that it will offer more shows and movies, such as current trendsetting shows like Jersey Shore as well as outdated but still popular shows like Reno 911. I believe, like Jason, that Hulu is changing the future of TV. Maybe not all at once, but little by little, people are moving away from traditional TV and moving toward the newer forms of TV like Hulu.

  67. Courtney Smith says:

    After reading this article, I cam to realize that the free videos that are being offered online just may become big. Most people would rather catch things online than sit at home and wait for them to show again, again this is more convenient to us. There are different ways to be entertained and informed and the internet is definitely going to be one of those means, that gives the TV a run for its money.

  68. Daniel Forman says:

    The future of TV is on the down slope right now. There are so many options out there for consumers to get exactly what they want without having to deal with all the other junk that comes with it. The first choice for consumers is hulu. Hulu allows consumers to look up TV shows that they want to watch without commercials. The next option is Netflix. Netflix allows consumers to stream movies and seasons on shows straight from netflix. It also allows you to rent movies without out even leaving the living room. Some people , like myself, love sports. Well, if you want your sports then you could just go to ESPN online. Basically, if you have the internet you can have anything and everything that comes on TV. Internet is also cheaper than TV per month in most cases.

  69. Alex Nichols says:

    Television has been going somewhat downhill ever since the Internet has provided the shows we watch on our favorite t.v. channels. The problem people have with the television is too many commercials, the watcher has to schedule our day around the time the shows will come on the channel (inconvenient show times), and not all the watcher’s favorite episodes come on (the watcher has to be lucky to get a good episode of his or her favorite show). Sites and sources like Hulu provide a convenient and easy way to access the shows t.v. watchers love without having to schedule their day around it, waste time watching commercials, and not know if they are going to get an episode they will enjoy or not.

  70. Calishea Lockett says:

    After reading the article, Hulu was first introduced to me by my brother. My brother is a computer freak, he is always glued to the computer screen and he never watches regular tv. I think Hulu or any online movie site was the best thing that could’ve ever happended to the Internet world. Nowadays, TV is slowly going downhill because the internet is at a surpass of the TV world. Barely no one really watches television because commercials are longer than ever and you have some TV shows lasts for thirty minutes and commercials are what really takes up show time. The main focus are customers and serving them to make a better experience for them. With Hulu, we as viewers do not have to sit through commercials or ads, we can sit back and watch a whole movie without any interruptions and more importantly it is free. I think watching online movies may dominate the tv world because it is less annoying.

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