Mozines™ are here… Is this the future?

A new way to deliver magazines on all types of mobile platforms. Read my interview with Mozines™ creator and let me know what you think. The interview can be accessed here
Read the interview and post your comments.
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About Samir "Mr. Magazine™" Husni, Ph.D.

Samir Husni, aka Mr. Magazine™, is the founder and director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi. He is also Professor and Hederman Lecturer of Journalism at the School of Journalism and New Media. Dr. Husni is the author of the annual Samir Husni's Guide to New Magazines, which is now in its 28th year. He is also the author of Launch Your Own Magazine: A Guide for Succeeding in Today's Marketplace published by Hamblett House, Inc. and Selling Content: The Step-by-Step Art of Packaging Your Own Magazine, published by Kendall Hunt, Magazine Publishing in the 21st Century, published by Kendall Hunt, and co-author of Design Your Own Magazine. He has presented seminars on trends in American magazines to the editorial, advertising and sales staff of the magazine groups of the Morris Communications Company, Hearst Corp., Hachette Filipacchi Magazines, Meredith Corp., Reader's Digest Magazine, ESPN the magazine, Sail Magazine, American Airlines Publishing, the National Geographic Society, the Swedish magazine group Bonnier, the Finnish magazine group Sanoma Magazines, Southern Progress magazines, New South Publishing, Inc., the Society of Professional Journalists, the American Society of Magazine Editors, Vance Publishing Corporation, the Florida Magazine Association, The Magazine Association of Georgia, the National Society of Black Journalists, the Japanese Magazine Publishers Association, and the American Press Institute. He is "the country's leading magazine expert," according to Forbes ASAP magazine, "the nation's leading authority on new magazines," according to min:media industry newsletter; and The Chicago Tribune dubbed him "the planet's leading expert on new magazines." Dr. Husni has been interviewed by major U.S. media on subjects related to the magazine industry. He has been profiled and is regularly quoted in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and many other newspapers nationwide, as well as the major newsweeklies and a host of trade publications. He has appeared on Good Morning America, CNBC, CNN, CNNFN, PBS, and on numerous radio talk shows including National Public Radio's Morning and Weekend Editions. Dr. Husni has also served as an expert witness in several lawsuits involving major media corporations including Time Inc. and American Express Publishing among others. He has been a judge of The National Magazines Awards, The Evangelical Magazines Association, The City and Regional Magazines Association, and The Florida and Georgia Magazine Association Awards. Dr. Husni is the President and CEO of Magazine Consulting & Research, a firm specializing in new magazine launches, repositioning of established magazines, and packaging publications for better sales and presentations. Dr. Husni holds a doctorate in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a master's degree in journalism from the University of North Texas. When he is not in his office reading magazines, Dr. Husni is at the newsstands buying magazines.
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57 Responses to Mozines™ are here… Is this the future?

  1. Really not sure what to think about it. I’m not really at a point where I would pay to use something like a Mozine. Maybe it’s just the name… Mozine. Doesn’t really appeal to me.

  2. Anna Waggoner says:

    I think that Mozines are a great way of re inventing the way we receive the experience of reading a magazine. Mozines aren’t just another replica, as he stated, but they have re designed the media, and have also combined many aspects of the web, such as twitter, into this one media channel. I think this will reach a large audience, especially in our technologically centered culture which we live in. Instead of resisting change, the mozines embrace it, while also promoting print, as he said. I think that this could be a very successful product!

  3. Quentin Winstine says:

    I think that the idea is a great solution to “stop the bleeding” of the magazine industry right now by offering a sensible tie-in of the print and digital.
    That being said, I don’t think that it will be profitable for atleast the next five years. The example Mr. Cartabiano gave of having a WWE The Magazine monthly subscription for $2.99 that includes Twitter, RSS feed, and blogs was surprising to me because Twitter, RSS feed, and the blogs are free. If you go to WWE The Magazine’s website you find that for a year suscription of WWE The Magazine ordered from their website you end up paying $29 for the entire year and you can follow them on Twitter for free, get the RSS feed for free, AND you can read the blog online for free. Although it may seem impractical for some to have all of these things seperated, other people might think that paying a year end total of $29 for the print with all the free stuff is better than paying $2.99 a month ($35.88 a year) for a similar product in digital form and all the free stuff.
    I’m not saying that MOZINES won’t work, but if they don’t show consumers the main difference between them and replicas, consumers will continue to either just purchase the print product or purchase the replica on their iPads and smartphones.

  4. Angela Rogalski says:

    The one point throughout the interview that stuck in my mind was when Mr. Cartabiano said that mobile users were more accustomed to paying for their online content than other web patrons. That made perfect sense. Most people don’t think twice about paying for an app on their phone, they’re used to it, while PC web users shrink away from any site that’s not free. It’s what they’re used to…getting their content free. I think Mozines is a very interesting concept. It falls right under that heading Dr. Husni discussed in class…that bridge. Only this one is linking brands with print on our mobile phones. The fact that it’s not just a carbon-copy of the original is definitely a plus. The idea that mobile purchases are more impulsive is also intriguing, because if you think about it, your phone is always with you. If you decide that you want to find out about something right there and then, you’ll more than likely buy that app because you need the info ASAP. That’s giving the customer what they want, when they want it. I think Mozines is an original idea that just may work for everybody concerned.

  5. Katie Keatley says:

    In my opinion, Mozines are a very good idea. Mr. Cartabiano is right in the assumption that consumers trust mobile transactions more because they are less likely to come across different scams while using them. If people are able to get the news they want whenever and wherever they are, I am sure that they will be willing to pay a small monthly fee. The fact that Mozine will be available on a variety of different phones will help reach a wide range of customers. This in turn, will definitely make Mozine a well-known brand.

  6. Jean Phillips says:

    For those of us out there who don’t use the type of devices Mozine is targeted for, this has no significance whatsoever. Now, I don’t know how many people use iPhones and the like, but my general perception is that they are rather uncommon.

    In my opinion, this is just a bad idea. The target audience is too small, and as for the product content itself, my question is: who cares? Why pay to get information over your cell phone, when you can use the internet, or pick up an actual newspaper or magazine?

    The concept just doesn’t make sense to me. But, I’m sure that’s just me.

  7. Caroline Talamo says:

    I am not a fan of the “Mozine” idea. I like the excitement of buying a magazine at a store, a news stand or an airport. I tend to get head aches when I read something that is on a computer screen or my iPhone for too long. Yet, this is a great idea for people who would rather save up space instead of buying a magazine and throwing it somewhere in your house so it can collect dust; rather having the magazine on your phone. That is a good idea with the addition to having magazine whenever you want at the palm of your hands. Yet, if you think about this technology with e-readers, the Nook, iPad and Mozines would this eventually cause famous book stores like Barnes & Nobels to close? Sending the economy more down the drain than what it already is.

  8. Lauren McMillin says:

    With all of the new technology that is constantly being released, I think that Mozines provide an interesting twist and take consumers down a different, more inventive path. So many people, it seems, are torn between moving toward a more technological age and staying with the traditional print of magazines and newspapers. The idea of Mozines comes across as a happy medium between the two, promoting the sales of print while keeping up with the quick pace of technology. There is, however, the question of whether or not Mozines will be picked up by consumers. It may be too soon to tell, but I feel that if given the right amount of time, Mozines would become quite popular. This has usually been the case for previous technological releases, were people are unsure of how they feel about a new gadget, but once they realize what they can get out of it and how it can impact them, it becomes a huge hit. Regardless, I feel that Mozines are taking technology in the right direction, and the deal isn’t so bad, either.

  9. S. Blair Jackson says:

    What sets Mozines apart is that this application is, in all aspects, moving with the technology of today. Mozines do not simply replicate newspapers and magazines, they work with the layout, shape, and organization to make it a better experience for the customer. Also, Mozines are building a “bridge to print” as Cartabiano said. They link the media past to the media present. Dr. Husni has told us over and over again that we must people who adapt in order to survive in the media world. The future is now. Mozines is inovative, and because of that I think that it will be very successful.

  10. Gloria Briggs says:

    I do not dis-like Mozines, but to me I would rather have it in the original form. I find stuff like that on phones hard to deal with and much more frustrating.

  11. K. Nicole Miller says:

    I found this interview hard to comprehend for many reasons. I don’t quite understand exactly what Mozines are. There is so much technology out there right now that I think it is overwhelming. I’m sure some people are very excited about Mozines but personally I’d rather just stick to the internet. I don’t understand why we need so many apps for phones and such when we can do the same thing by googling the magazine site on the web. I guess that Mozine is good for publishers and the Mozine company, but I don’t think I would purchase this product.

  12. Evan Brewster says:

    Mozines seem like a good idea, it is certainly making an experience for the people that use them and it does replicate the magazine in mobile form. It is a very creative idea, and I can see it catching on in a society that wants everything at their fingertips.

  13. Abby Abide says:

    I think that Mozines sound pretty great. I enjoy reading a magazine while holding it, but I end up throwing them away in the end just because I don’t have room for them!
    And on the topic of the target audience is too small, the number of people who have iPhone-like phone is steadily growing, especially now that prices are dropping. I remember when having a Motorola Razr was a huge deal, and then eventually the price dropped and everyone had one. Eventually having a web-enabled smart phone will be the norm.

  14. Alexa Bafalis says:

    I think Mozines are a great idea. I think they are very useful for people that are constantly on the run. It saves the time of having to go to the store to buy a magazine and then it also saves paper because most people just throw away the magazine after they are done reading it. It shows that not only are newspapers become digitalized but so are magazines now. The only problem is when I’m somewhere I’m afraid of bringing my phone/ipad/etc, I cannot read the magazines I normally would if I just had brought the print version. Like I said earlier though, I think Mozines are a great idea.

  15. Lindsey Boudreau says:

    Since Mozines are incorporating content, plus blogs, feeds from a publishers website, and even the publisher’s twitter accounts it seems that they will be more successful than other phone apps. However, for people that never use apps like these on their smart phones I think this idea is a little hard to comprehend. I would never even think to try and find say my favorite magazine in app form on my phone. I would rather read it in person. In my opinion people spend too much time on their phones anyways and having weekly updates from a magazine being sent to a phone would make that problem even more widespread.

  16. Jonece Dunigan says:

    I believe Mozines are a brillant idea!

  17. Eric Levine says:

    My mobile internet got canceled due to butt-dialing onto the internet which lead to extended minutes of internet time on the bill and a ton of unwanted and useless apps to being downloaded. So mobile apps and internet surfing or whatever doesn’t affect me at all. Since I can’t access the internet from my phone, Mozines seem pointless to me. I wouldn’t pay for it even if I could. Why could to pay monthly for a mobile news subscription when I can just grab a paper or go on my labtop. Mozines sound like a cool idea and all but it’s not for me. I’d rather stick to checking out ESPN or Yahoo from my iPod and using those apps instead.

  18. Alexandra Donaldson says:

    The Mozines sound great for a single mom or a person who is always on the go. Personally I rather a magazines in hand. Sometimes I’ll want to tear out a article or a ad and put it on my wall. With Mozines I would not be able to do that!

  19. Stevie Farrar says:

    If the Mozine will truly serve as a bridge between the current media world and that of the future, I think this is brilliant. But like I said, only if this is the true intent. The aim of the Mozine is exactly what we have been talking about: taking our current media and shifting it with the times yet combining it with new technology to promote fading forms of media. People will be able to access various media sources right from their cell phones which, quite frankly, we might as well all be born attached to. Info on their Mozine will re-direct the reader to a print version, creating a bridge between this emerging world and a fading one. The scheme of promoting print media through the Mozine is wonderful, yet I wonder how long it will be before Mozine explodes on the market and no longer sees the need to promote its advertisers.

  20. Brittany Stubbs says:

    Being a person who likes to lay by the pool and read a magazine without worrying it will get overheated, I obviously had my concerns about this idea….but I tried to set them aside and see what the creator was aiming for. He stated that the Mozine complimented the magazines, but one of the first things I was told in this class is that humans don’t want to have to use multiple medians to get their information. They don’t want to have to read a magazine, then go look on their mobile magazine to see feedback from the articles, then get online and research the names you found in the critics etc.

  21. Lorraine York says:

    I think that this is a very clever invention. I like how it encourages the print rather than simply replicating it and replacing it. I also think that many people would be willing to pay for it on their smart phones. However, I still know plenty of people who do not have smart phones and who are not racing to get one any time soon. People are coming up with inventions based off of these devices, but not everyone has access to them. Also, I have never bought an app on my phone and have never considered spending money for one. It seems like a good idea, but it might not affect as many people as it plans for.

  22. Olivia Rearick says:

    I think Mozines is a good idea, but I am unsure how successful it will be. It is obvious that changes must be made in the print world, so I applaud the innovative idea behind Mozines. However, personally I do not think I would use Mozines simply because when I buy a magazine I prefer to have it on paper in my hands instead of on my phone screen. Magazines are different than newspapers because the are typically read cover to cover. This is because magazines have a narrow topic and apply to a narrower audience and therefore are more entertaining. Newspapers on the other hand get skimmed over because a reader only wants to read an article that is most interesting to them. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have no problem getting my news from the internet/my phone, but I would rather have a magazine in my hand. I am skeptical to how successful Mozines will be.

  23. Callie Daniels says:

    Mozines are innovative concerning those who have smart phones… but unlike newspapers, magazines are in less danger of becoming obselete in print. Mozines may support the print, but it cannot replace the experience of holding a magazine. Some of us like to live a little without the glare of technology every now and then.

  24. Emily Bain Manifold says:

    The two most important things that will help make the Mozines successful is that one, the Mozines are not the same content as prints, they are not “replicas” of that print product, and two, cell phones transactions, as Mike Cartabiano said, ARE much more impulsive than internet transactions. Mike Cartabiano and Dr. Husni both emphasized the importance of not having digital replicas because they both know, and I completely agree, that the digital users are not looking for the same experience as print readers. I predict Mozines to be a new product that will see success.

  25. Christy Greer says:

    Mozines as understood it, are reinventing magazines and news and making them more relevant to a phone or and ipad for a few, adding sources from the internet and twitter. I think it is a good idea because our whole society is moving forward into a world of technology. I personally wouldn’t use the product because I don’t buy applications on my blackberry for anything, and I’m more of a hands on type of person, if I want a magazine I want the real product in my hand, it feels like you get more for you money. Though this product could be successful, since it will appeal to a variety of people.

  26. Patricia Wiseman says:

    Mr. Cartabiano might have promoted the conveniences and advantages of the Mozines, such as it’s not an exact replica of a magazine, it can access to any smart phone, and its popularity will promote the future of print. But I’m not exactly sure that I would agree on Mr. Cartabiano. To me, I see Mozines like as a type of e-readers. Rather than just picking up a magazine, people can access a magazine’s articles from their i-Phone or Blackberry or any other mobile phone. And because printed media is starting to become more digitalized, more people rely on gathering information from today’s technological gadgets rather than on print. Therefore, I see Mozines as another technological trend that contributes to our society to lean towards a digital world.

  27. Ellie Turner says:

    There is a constant change in media today. People in the industry are coming up with new innovative ways to make delivering information more appealing. Though I would not buy a Mozine at this point in my life, I do think that it sounds like it would promote the print industry, which I like. I am a firm believer in print media and I like to think of myself as a defender of this particular outlet. The Mozine seems to be more of an enhancer to print media, which I can respect and support.

  28. Madison Hill says:

    I agree with Olivia Rearick. Mozines sound like a great idea, but I’m worried how successful it will be. The idea of merging multiple media platforms seems like it will be much more efficient, and future-friendly. It promotes print, and still gives customers news immediately. My prediction is that Mozines will be successful, but not right away. The product needs advertisement and clarity. The benefits need to be clearly stated and emphasized. Good luck, Mozines.

  29. Alexa Evans says:

    I think mozines have a long way to come. I hate to sound closed minded but maybe people in big cities will use mozines but how many people do you see walking around the square in downtown oxford with their ipads? you dont, its because not that many in small towns or really anywhere have ipads or tablets. People still get the thrill out of their monthly magazine coming in their mailbox. Or how many of you have been standing in the line at the grocery store and there is a magazine with your favorite person on the front of it and that is the only reason you bought it? everyone, thats just how it works and mozines dont work like that.

  30. Natalie Moore says:

    I’m not quite sure how I feel about Mozines, nor do I feel that I completely understand the idea. It is certainly a great idea for those who are tech-savvy. However, I think the idea still needs more time and I don’t think it will be very successful. I understand that it is a way to bring print to another platform of the media world as well as to more of their audience. It’s smart that they are trying to differ from their print product. However it feels like it is just another idea to help save print and crossover. Also I’d much rather pay a monthly subscription for a tangible copy of a magazine rather than an app. I’ll use the app for maybe a month like every other app I’ve bought. Whereas, I’ve kept some magazine subscriptions for years. The idea still needs more development. I think it’s probably a little early for this idea. It seems that not even the magazines are sold on this idea yet. According to my iPhone, Nylon and WWE are the only ones available in the App Store. So when it comes to Mozines I think only time will tell.

  31. Ariel Ladner says:

    I agree with Natalie. I’m not sure I fully understand the concept of Mozines. Muli-media platformed information is a wonderful idea, very futuristic. But, is America, or the world for that matter ready for something so very versatile? I’m not sure. Combining the different elements to create Mozine sounds “smart” but is it really something we want? I believe a test run would create a more accurate way of knowing whether or not our society is ready to embrace such a new form of news.

  32. Kyle Ryan says:

    As Dr. Husni’s explained how we are a ‘screen’ oriented generation, I think that Mozines’s creator Mike Cartabiano is taking a good risk of this trend. When I think about just how much time we spend each day on screens, it will not take long for Mozines to gain more and more of an audience. I do agree that “Print will always have a huge audience but must evolve as media-savvy readers use their mobile devices and tablets to access information that is important to them.” So I see this not as a replacement of hands-on, print magazines (which it seems many of us still prefer) but as another evolution that the print industry will have to adapt to.

  33. Elizabeth Burgreen says:

    I agree with Natalie and Ariel as well. The “Mozine” era, as we might start calling it, will bring about a huge change throughout America and other countries, but I’m really not sure how they will combine everything into one small app? I am a huge magazine reader, and I enjoy getting my People magazine once a week. It is something I have to look forward to, and I enjoy being able to read them laying in bed or while eating breakfast. I’m not sure how much I would like trying to read tiny print on a phone, and I think that I would like the tangible magazines better. Also, how are you supposed to do the crosswords on a smart phone?!

  34. Arlissa Sneed says:

    I’m still a little confused about how a Mozine works. The interview continually said that Mozines flowed across mediums, including Facebook, Twitter, etc. Does that mean that I would constantly be getting Facebook Statuses from my magazine or Mozine. That would bother me. I have a difficult enough time trying to block Farmville and other pointless apps off my newsfeed. A person would have to be extremely dedicated to the brand they are interested in to have it invade all mediums of their life. I don’t think I’ll ever be that dedicated to anything. However, I’m sure there are some people that would be. I’m not convinced that Mozines will be the next big thing.

  35. Sarah Harden says:

    First of all, I disagree with Mr. Cartabiano’s statement that consumers are willing to spend more on mobile goods and services than those on the web because they are used to getting information for free online, but not from mobile devices. Maybe it’s just me, but I still refuse to pay for a magazine I can get on my phone when I can get a year’s subscription mailed to my door for just $10. If I’m paying for a magazine, I want it in my hands where I can actually hold it, read it, and then save it if I want to.

    Second of all, I agree that the magazine industry is hurting and something needs to be done if they want consumers to buy their products. But why would someone who isn’t going to pay $10 for a year’s subscription for a magazine pay almost half that to view it on their phone? Is that really a solution to the industry’s problems? I don’t think so.

    If the magazine industry doesn’t want to fail, then they need to make something that works. Lowering the prices isn’t working. Printing better quality magazines isn’t working. So making the same magazine available for the same newsstand price on your phone probably isn’t going to work either. Maybe the problem isn’t that there is something wrong with the magazines we’re producing. Maybe the problem is people just don’t want them anymore. Personally, I love magazines, and will always read them as long as they are out there, but to be honest, if magazines cease to exist….so what??? Technology will certainly produce something new and exciting to captivate our attention.

  36. Taylor Harrell says:

    When i first followed the link to this article i thought to myself, “great im about to read about another mobile app out there in the world that just takes stuff straight from print or the internet and pastes it to my phone and the only difference would be is that they are CHARGING ME FOR IT.” But instead this article was very interesting and thought provoking. The Mozine is not what i expected at all, but instead is something completely unexpected. This article is very long and broke up into interview questions so instead of just giving a brief summery of the article is a whole, i thought i would break up my response into paragraphs commenting on each interview question that i thought was important:

    SH: The web has proven to be very elusive when it comes to paid content and money making for publishers. Why do you think mobile and digital delivery is different?

    – i think that Mike Cartabiano’s response to this question was awesome. I myself was thinking the exact same thing when Mr. Husni asked this question. But it really is true, i grew up never having to pay for anything i read on the internet and normally if i wanted to read an article in a magazine, i could find it on the internet as well but regardless, the material was free. I also grew up constantly having to have the newest applications for my phone and it was just commen sense that i was going to have to pay for them, thats the way its always been, so when Mike Cartabiano said that customers were used to paying for mobile applications therefore he never anticipated that being a problem, i completely agree!

    SH: A lot of platforms are using replicas or replicas plus of print magazines. How are Mozines™ different and how can you help publishers?

    – the way Mike Cartabiano answered this question made me almost want to buy this product, like i said in my first paragraph, i anticipated this product to be just a copy and paste of the same thing we could find in magazines or online, but no. Instead the mozine is original and possesses different content. He also made the application sound very interactive and entertaining.

    SH: What differentiates Mozine™ from similar applications? What makes Mozines™ more attractive?

    – The way MC answered this question was also in such a manner that seriously made me want this application. It truly is completly different than a magazine or a internet site. This application encourages its customers to use it whenever, wherever. The publishing company did this in order to get their brand name out there and everywhere, but who cares, it works! i want it and i want to use it everywhere at anytime! Good P.R. Mozine

    SH: Part of what we do at the Magazine Innovation Center is try to help amplify the future of print. Where do you see the future of print going, and what role do you see Mozines™ taking in the future of print?

    – i like that Mr. Husni asked this question because this is a topic we cover everyday in class. We are always getting the same comments and opinions so it is definitely very interesting to get an outsider (from the class) yet still an insiders (to how print works) opinion. I like that MC pretty much said that print will always be around, but if it wants to be successful then it must evolve as other forms of publication do.

    …all in all this was a very interesting article to read and learn about and Mike Cartabiano’s answers to Mr. Husni’s questions very very eloquent and well stated in a way that truly wanted to make me get on my blackberry and purchase his app’s

  37. Emily Crawford says:

    It seems that lately all we hear about is this constant battle between the can’t’s of yesterday and the can’s of tomorrow. The Mozine seems to be another exciting new piece of technology, but only until the next new big thing of tomorrow arrives. It’s like we’re at a constant battle with ourselves. Always trying to out do the other. Since I do not have an iPhone, so I have yet to experience this app craze which I am fortunate for. Personally, I will always be bias toward magazines. I see no need to rely on one device for everything. Maybe, I’m still stuck in the yesterday’s, but I feel like I’m not the only one.

  38. Nelson Duke says:

    There’s pretty much an application for any smart phone now, so I think it is a smart idea to have Mozines. However, I will still buy the magazines I read instead of this new technology.

  39. Brian Baker says:

    Mozine’s are definitely innovative in a variety of ways as it ties many aspects of social networking together, contains the content of a magazine, and possesses the convenience of having it all on-the-go. Although it is unique and seems like a great idea, I honestly do not think Mozines will be very successful. I can’t see people sitting down and reading the entirety of a magazine off of their phone. I can’t see people paying for a magazine that they can’t physically hold and turn the pages. Americans do not want to pay for content they can have for free online. If you have a smart phone that can access a Mozine, chances are you also have access to the internet and a quick search on google can procure the same information for free. Cartabiano has the right mindset in creating something new to revitalize the magazine, but I don’t think this particular idea will be the cure.

  40. Michael Woods says:

    The idea of Mozine is an interesting one. Its purpose is not to destroy the print form of a magazine, but it is instead to enhance the print by offering information not seen or easily understood in the print form. Some seem confused by this.

    It sounds like a good idea, and I think it is definitely worth a shot.

  41. Sally White says:

    I 100% agree with Jean Phillips. I guess I’m just really behind on the fast pace world of technology, and iPhones just do not appeal to me. This idea of Mozines seems just like another application to me, but then again I really just do not understand its concept. I enjoy buying a magazine and flipping through its pages. I don’t think looking at a screen can bring that same feel at all.

  42. Jade Genga says:

    I think this guy, Mike Cartabianco, knows where to find the money. Sure, some will say, “Oh I wouldn’t be more willing to spend money on my mobile than a website.” Honestly, with phone bills and app downloads, already the majority of people have exceeded how much they pay to visit websites, nothing. I think this is a brilliant idea. If Mr. Cartabianco were working with a replica of the magazines, something like the websites and apps for Seventeen Magazine or the New York Times, my opinion would be different. Using a complement app instead of a replica or a replica-plus is far more effective to spread word of not only the Mozine, but also the magazine or publishing company.

    In theory I would probably say that I woud never use a Mozine, but in fact, considering the basic concept and business plan, this actually sounds incredibly helpful. Maybe it is even a step in the direction of magazine and journalism revival. Who knows?

  43. Jade Genga says:

    I think i just like the word… Mozine. haha.

  44. Leah Cayson says:

    I actually found this interview really helpful because I have never heard of Mozines. Like the majority of society, I constantly have my iPhone glued to my hand. I use it for everything, so why not have access to Mozine 24/7? I am definitely more likely to impulsively buy something with my iPhone rather than buy something on the internet. So, I would definitely purchase this. I think it’s a brilliant idea.

  45. Jory Tally says:

    In my opinion, I think Mozines are a great idea. I do because I feel like the new invention is helping everyone out from publishers to readers. The only problem is, is that it needs more advertisement because not too many people know what it is. If I didn’t read this article I would have never known what it was. I personally would rather have a magazine in my hands but for others who do not care whether they have a magazine to read online or in person I would suggest this product.

  46. Kells Johnson says:

    To me, Mozines are just another form or way of technology at it’s best trying to convert print into electronic media. It seemed that Mike Cartabianco tried his best to sugarcoat the reality of magazines and other forms of print having to compete with these “mozines”. The choice is within the people: you can either pick up a paper or magazine and read or you can upload the application for a magazine or newspaper on your phone and recieve the news right in your palms. The ruth is, print is becoming extinct-very slowly, but surely. The creators of these forms of technology have no mercy on ink and paper, and will stop at nothing to allocate funds for themselves. While they are doing all of this, I do hope that they do not forget where their innovations came from.

  47. Betsy Lynch says:

    I think the idea and the foundation for the Mozine is very interesting. On one hand we have Mike saying that they’re doing something totally new, and that is why his product will work- because it’s not the normal, it’s not a replica, there’s nothing like this out there. But on the other hand, it really is just an application, a digital version of a magazine, regardless of how it is formatted, is still a digital version. I feel like it’s not that world breaking to state that their product is better, because the format is better. In addition, I think it’s a little bit of a cop out at the end to state that they’re not a developer, but they’re a solution. The media world needs someone to develop something new. Yes we need solutions to the problems we have now, but we need new developments, new ideas, new creativity. There are only so many solutions we can have for the problems we continue to have, and more problems will always exist. The mozine is an interesting idea, a necessary new format for viewing digital magazines, but it is not the solution to the problems facing the media today.

  48. Taylor Benvenutti says:

    I think that it is great that Mozines provide another media channel for magazines. The differences in that make Mozines stand out will also help magazines in a way that technology has not really allowed so far. The application is designed to help publishers. Now it is up to them to fully take advantage of Mozines by not giving their content away for free.
    I am not at the point where I would use the Mozine application. I still enjoy reading my fashion magazines in print. However, I understand that many people do enjoy having a digital copy. It would be convenient to have the material at any time, any where such as on my smart phone. Some of my friends buy random applications for their phones just for fun. Mozines is a smart idea and if publishers use it correctly then they could make a decent profit off of them.

  49. Sealy Smith says:

    I feel like Mozines are a very new, very creative approach to the world of technology, but I am not so sure how well they will do. I also think that if this new product does take off, it won’t be for a while. For one reason, not all of the people I know even have smart phones. Secondly, not many people even know about this product. Like many of the previous blogs stated, the idea of not having an actually magazine in one’s hands may be unappealing to some people. I personally feel very passionately about old school reading and writing out of a real book made out of paper. I dread the day when hand written letters become something of the past. I still like to keep a journal in a notebook and I still like to write my to-do list on actually paper, not in an electronical planner or cell phone. But for those that do like to keep up with the most recent forms of technology I feel like Mozines would be a great choice. As for myself, I want to be familar with the newest technology even if it is not my first preference.

  50. Elizabeth Sales says:

    Not everyone has a smartphone, like many others have said. The publishers need to keep in mind who they are trying to reach out to. More likely than not, an actual magazine is more reliable and on the plus side, you don’t have to charge it. However for those of us who do have smartphones, it’s easier for us to download the app. Sadly, this is the future for magazines, even though it is not very realistic for people who don’t have smartphones.

  51. Carly Grisham says:

    As much as I love my iphone, I am just not in to the Mozine idea AT ALL!!! I personally get sick of looking at words and readings on a computer screen. I love going to wal-mart or Walgreens and browsing through the magazine section. The covers are what ultimately attracts me to them! I know there is more to magazines than celebrity gossip, but I must admit that is my favorite types of magazines to read. As convenient as getting stuff from my hand held gadget might be, it only takes away from the product. Everything is going digital today, and some things were just meant to stay on plain ole paper and print. This class has already opened my eyes to so many issues with out news and journalism today. I never would have thought that i would have an opinion on magazines and where they originate from, but the fact is I do. Ultimately, there are some things that should just not be on your smart phone!

  52. Brittani Acuff says:

    I feel that Mozines are a great idea for some people, but I am not one of those people. I prefer to have everything in front of me. I feel like we need to get back to the basics and allow for people to like the old fashion stuff as well as the newer media. While we keep getting more advanced I believe that some people are retracting into the past and I hope that it continues that way.

  53. Quanterrius Ward says:

    This is proof that sometimes name amalgamations aren’t always a good idea. Mozine sounds like some kind of experimental drug.

    As for Mozines becoming the future of magazines, that won’t be probable until smartphones are commonplace, and most people are still content enough with their regular mobile phones to delay on upgrading.

  54. Joshua Bryant says:

    I really cannot ever conceive of every paying for something I cannot pick up with my hands; that I cannot sit on a desk somewhere and come and pick it back up later. For some people, this is find. They will pay for something that is not tangible ($15 per month for World of Warcraft). However, myself, I cannot pay for something that cannot be felt.

  55. Brittany Danielle Vaughn says:

    I believe Mozine app is an excellent idea. It provides a new way for us viewers to see the magazine in a different, more unique way. Personally, I use my Iphone for almost everything. So being able to purchase an app such as Mozine would benefit me greatly because I spend nearly 40$ a month on magazine. I am always wanting to know the celebrity gossip and whats going on in the world. Does this mean that print is steadily falling? I cannot tell you that. But I can assure that people like me who love their Iphone would more than like buy this app because it will save us money and provides convenience anytime, anywhere.

  56. Whitney Roumain says:

    12. Paper is so much easier to read in a magazine or newspaper. With digital you have to upload and stare at a screen which to me is a little annoying. When you get tired of reading a newspaper or magazine you can just sit it down and come back to it later. The proof is in the pudding majority of the class prefer to read print rather than owning an Ipad.

    19. The customers are who reads print or buys the digital devices. Maybe we should focus on what is popular to the people since they are who buy it.

    46. Print will always be around because its been around for centuries and decades already. I personally don’t see it dying out anytime soon.

    48. Yes i think the customers are the main readers. However do a little research such as on what is popular this year or give a little awareness. I believe you should always stay true to yourself. Whoever is creating the magazine should focus on printing what he or she is interested in and then targeting the group of customers he or she wants their magazine to be read by.

    49. I sometimes enjoy to read things like what’s going on in the world rather than if I’m thin enough or what shoes are hot this month. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy celebrity gossip and fashion but its nice to get away from all that and read something thats more important.

    6. Yes print is very successful and profitable. Who doesn’t pick up a magazine or paper every now and then at least. It’s much easier to read paper than the web. However i find myself googling a lot to find stories that print haven’t issued out yet. Today print is still part of people lives but in the near future I’m not sure if it will be as popular. Not with all the technology we are beginning to create and rely on.

    7. The Ipad contributes to media in small ways. However it’s not as affordable to purchase and Ipad. Print is just easier to read and afford. Digital will always be helpful and its becoming a bigger business then we ever expected. I’m not sure if it will every by pass print and become bigger in the future.

    28. Sticking to your strategy is sometimes a good thing but in this case NO. Stick with what brings in the most money. If its print the people want then give it to them. If it digital then so be it. We should focus on what’s collecting the most money. You have to be willing to switch it up if you want to survive the industry.

    45. His magazines may be rare and clever but I always say stick to your own idea’s and vision. Be creative and make it your own. No one like to read something thats too similar to someone else work.

    51. We do live in a digital age but many people prefer print over digital. The older generation are not taking much interest in digital devices. I guess it all depends on the age group. Me myself would rather read print any day.

  57. Ryanne Flanders says:

    I would never in my life forsake a paper magazine for a Mozine. I have multiple magazine subscriptions, and even if one of them offered a Mozine at a reduced price, I would stick to old faithful. I want to be able to engage in what I’m reading, and I don’t want to scroll and squint and enlarge to try to get the full experience. I love my BlackBerry, and I think it is a wonderfully convenient thing, but I do not need to be more attached to it than I alread am.

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